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  1. If I used the HELIX USB for backing tracks, would I be able to send guitar left and right to FOH. I use a 2-amp rig. Thanks.
  2. Is it possible to run backing tracks into HELIX, say, from a laptop or iPod's stereo source in a live setting while simultaneously using HELIX for guitar with both going to FOH? I'm at a point where I'm considering buying a small mixer, DI box, cables, etc. to make this happen, but if HELIX can do this for me while giving me a stereo backing track AND dual guitar amps out, problem solved. Plus, this would save me the cost of buying new equipment ($300 to $400) and give me a cool new rig!
  3. Brand new, out of the box, followed the directions, can't get the SPVX to be recognized (tried 5 different USB ports, all of which work with other devices) and mobile pod says no SPVX recognized and is not charging my iPad.Control panel from Windows shows SPVX, but when you click on Properties it reads "no devices connected." Also, I've plugged in studio monitors that are not recognized byu SPVX. Tried re-installing, tried restarting, etc. Help!
  4. I'm having the same problem that most of you have. Can't update the DT25 amp head to 2.0 Firm Ware and can't take advantage of all of the extra amp and cabinet models. Very frustrating, Line 6 doesn't return calls, Guitar Center's service people are worthless. Anybody know a person at Line6 (name/number) who can offer qualified help?
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