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  1. Hi. Could this action be assigned to an external pedal via FS4? Like a Boss FS-5U? All the best from Aslak, Norway.
  2. Thank you so much for your answers. To (maybe) clarify; I assigned FS3 to stomp so I need an "external" tuner. In a recent post someone said: With 2.7, [ACTION] + [PAGE>] together will start the tuner, useful if you have set switch 3 to stomp instead of tuner/tap. This is a solution but I want to do this with an external pedal to avoid bending down and pushing buttons at rather hectic gigs :-) I will do some more searching. Thank you again.
  3. Unfortunately not. No respons. I'm clearly missing something.
  4. I might be stupid here, but can a FS-5U be used to turn on the tuner? I have put FS4 to TAP/Tune-mode and connected a FS-5U with a standard fx-board patch cable? All the best from Norway.
  5. Thanks, Scott. Really appreciate your videos. All the best from Norway
  6. Hello again, Gear Head. Problem solved. Rookie mistake. I had 2 signal paths running... therefore I got the signal from path 2 as well as path 1. Sorry for your troubles. Anyway; your advice served me great. Many quick tuning changes in our live set are now eliminated. Saved presets for drop D and C. Both sounding good. And thank you for sharing your patch. Will check it out. All the best from Norway
  7. Simple solution: Pitch Wham block set with position 50%, Heel and Toe Pitch both at -1 and Mix 100%. Assign it to a FootSwitch and custom name it "Eb Drop". Now whenever you are playing and want the your guitar to go down a semi tone - jump on that switch - Simple. Hi, Gear Head. Followed you advice regarding drop tuning and it worked perfectly. Then after noodling about I went back to make it again. Same procedure, but this time, with same settings, the sound of my bass comes through even though I´ve set mix level to 100%. I´m working on studio headphones. What am I doing wrong? All the best from Norway
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