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  1. Hi, Thanks for replying so quickly. Excuse me for being a bit dumb, but do I just plug in the UX2 and will it then utilise all my tones, or will i manually have to copy them into a folder or something? Thanks, David
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me if upgrading from a POD Studio GX to POD UX2 can be achieved with the minimum of hassle? I've created a shed load of Metal patches on the GX, and have also bought and installed the "Metal Pack", so I really don't want to lose any of of those. Will I have to de-licence the GX? Also .... does anyone use the POD UX2 in a "Live" setting? Lots of questions I know, but I would be grateful for help with any of them. Thanks in advance, David
  3. Hmmm .... I bought the Metal Pack and installed it last night, and I have to say I'm not that impressed with it. As a quick test, I added each of the new amps in turn to a Metal patch I'd already created and regularly. I found that the "new" amps were quiet compared to the original ones, and that tweaking things like EQ / Gain etc. didn't really significantly improve the sound. I'll play with it some more when I get the time, but at the moment, I'm of the view that the new patches I've created with the pack are just extremely subtle variations of patches I've previously created.
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