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  1. Hi! Thank you, I've already found these poles, but I cannot find an online shop in Europe (by the way, greetings from Italy!) that has them in stock. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi folks, I own 2 L3m at the moment and think about buying another pair for concerts in bigger locations. I wonder how to secure the upper speaker when stacked over the first one. I don't want it to fall down because of the vibrations. Any hint? Thank you very much!!!
  3. Ok, now things have changed as no capsule will work on the XD-V70 handheld anymore, so there is a problem with that part. Maybe it's a known problem and how can I handle it? Thank you again Andy
  4. Hi! Today I had a big problem with my XD.-V70 microphone. Connection between transmitter and receiver was perfect, but I had no audio signal on the receiver. As I have also a shure SM58 wireless handheld I tried the following: I took the Shure's capsule and put it on the Line6 transmitter - audio worked perfectly. Then I tried to put the Line6 capsule on the Shure transmitter - and it worked also!!! Well, I really cannot understand why the Line6 capsule won't work with the Line6 trasmitter, maybe anyone can explain it to me? Thank you very much and greetings from Italy! Andy
  5. Perfect answer, thank yoou very much!!! :)
  6. Hi guys, can anyone tell me the difference between the 2 bodypacks, the TX75 and the TBP12G? The first one is included in the XD-V75HS-headset system, the second one in the Relay G50. Can I use them both for guitar AND headset? Or does the TBP12G not provide the necessary voltage for the headset? Thank you very much!!!
  7. Hi guys, as I'm about to get a JTV-59 I wonder if in the meantime anyone has mounted the tronical system on it. And which Tronical system will fit? Thank you very much!
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