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  1. Try doing a software reset. This happened to me once on the B channel, the knobs stopped working. A reset fixed it.
  2. I find the alt tunings useless because I hear the alt tuning along with the natural string resonant, unless I turn my amp up loud. Since I'm playing mainly at home I don't turn the amp up real loud. If you search the forums you will see this problem described in detail. I'm not saying it's a problem with my guitar, but a natural by product of how alt tunings are done. For instance if I tune to Eb, I hear both the Eb and un amplified E string etc.
  3. Has anyone put the Tronical tuner on their JTV-59? Which model did you use? I put one on my Strat and really like it. Thanks
  4. I just replaced my original tubes with JJs. I took a reading before I pulled the original tubes V2=28.3 V3=32.8 I tested the tubes on my Orange VT1000 tester and the EL84s both showed good and matched. The 12AX7 showed worn, so I replaced it too. This solved the problem with my amp crackling all the time. I think the JJs sound much better, deeper bass and more clear. Also a tip to get the amp out of the box..After removing the screws from the bottom take a paint spatula (putty knife) and get between the case and the bottom of the amp. There is a metal plate covering the bottom of the amp and it sticks to the tolex. You can work it loose and the amp will slide out.
  5. I tried having someone pluck the notes when the guitar was in a different room, tuned to Eb tuning. I was connected through a L6 wireless connections. The notes came out fine through the amplifier. So I've concluded the ghost note problem I was having was hearing the standard tuned notes (unamplified) on the guitar, which the dropped tuning was playing through the amp, which sounding like ghost notes.
  6. Ok, did some additional tests. 1. Recorded with Garageband 1/2 step down and full step down. Results: Recording played back perfect. 2. DT-25 --> Weber Mass --> headphones. No problem could not hear the ghost notes. 3. HD500x --> headphones . I could hear it some, but when I increased volume I no longer heard the ghost notes. I'm amazed at how amplified the natural string note is, and how you can hear it. Conclusion thus far, nothing is wrong with my guitar :). I may not be able to use it for drop tuning because the natural string sound will drive me nuts. I'll just retune another guitar or the JTV. * Next test - Have someone play the guitar w/drop tuning in another room, while I listen to the amp!
  7. have someone else pluck the note while you are a distance away and just listening to the speaker. Also try the headphone idea.
  8. I've done more experimenting. I can hear it very pronounced through the DT25. I hear it less when I play through a Fender Twin. I've tried recording it (with a microphone) and when I play it back I can't hear it. It is worse on strings 1-3 than 4-6. I go back and forth on if this is a HW issue or a SW problem. Guitar sounds fine in normal mode, so unless there is a problem with one of the analog front end filters or a bad ground I'm not convinced it's the HW. The sound appears to be the original (normal mode) tone mixed with the alternate tone. If I get time I might try running a spectrum analyzer to see what frequencies we're getting.
  9. My HD500 has a studio out and live mode. Are you saying the Variax has a studio out mode? If so how do I control it?
  10. I've done some additional tests. When I hook the guitar into a Boss BR800 and play through a house amp it sounds much much better. When recorded and played back it sounds fine. When I go through an amp (DT25) it sounds horrible.
  11. Re-flashed to 1.83, no luck still having the same issue. I should have returned it to MF during the return period, but had already returned one with a broken truss rod.
  12. I tried this and it was much better with version 1.7 (not completely gone). When I updated back to 2.0 (1.7 -> 2.0) the problem was back and maybe worse than before.
  13. I don't believe this is occur on all the guitars. I know someone who has one and it works just fine. I've tried them out in the stores and they don't have the same problem. I hope L6 is able to provide some help.
  14. I gave up on alt turnings, mine sounded so bad. If I turned my amp up 3/4 vol (dt 25), it sounded better, but was way too loud.
  15. I have the same problem with mine but much worse than yours on all 6 strings. Strings 1,2,3,4 are the worst (high E, B, G, D). If you find something that works I'm very interested. I've tried changing strings, updating firmware. Damping the other strings with my fingers.
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