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  1. I've spent a couple of days trying to create a decent djent tone through my headphones that'll be good for recording with minimal need to master it. Hpwever I'm having serious problems trying to get the results I want. My current signal chain is: Noise Gate - Red Comp - Screamer - Noise Gate - Parametric EQ - Engl Fireball with XXL V-30 (Mic is 409 Dyn) - Noise Gate. The problem I've got is while the noise gates are cutting in fine, the sound is too full of treble and I've done my best to remove that but the sound then lacks any sort of power in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. GRLidstone

    Translating Tones From Cab To Headphones

    Well thanks to you both. I guess starting from scratch would be the best bet.
  3. I've crafted a tone on my hd500x while running it through a power amp and cab. The tone sounds really crisp, tight and nearly devoid of noise. However when I run the same preset through my headphones it sounds really high in treble and isn't as clear as when I run it through my PA and Cab combo. What I'm asking is how to fix the problem as it translates to when I'm recording as well and why it's happening as I'm utterly clueless on this.
  4. GRLidstone

    Setup Troubles

    Thanks the help anyway guys.
  5. GRLidstone

    Setup Troubles

    Okay all that effort and the only problem was the volume? God damn it.
  6. GRLidstone

    Setup Troubles

    I think I've narrowed the problem down to my output. I can't understand what's wrong but the guitar input is fine it's just the signal isn't transferring to my Power Amp.
  7. GRLidstone

    Setup Troubles

    Yeah, I built my presets before I got the power amp and cab without a way to test them. Is this what your getting at? This is my first time with this sort of thing.
  8. GRLidstone

    Setup Troubles

    I did yes. Still having no joy though. A friend and I worked out the problem was something to do with the 500x that's the only place the signal is getting lost.
  9. GRLidstone

    Setup Troubles

    I've checked the inputs and its accepting Guitar, Aux and Variax. From there afterwards I have no clue what I'm looking for.
  10. GRLidstone

    Setup Troubles

    The tuner works fine. I can't test the headphones. No adapter for them.
  11. GRLidstone

    Setup Troubles

    I've only recently purchased my 500x and I've got my rig connected in what I believe to be the correct input/output setup but I'm having no joy in getting any sound out from my guitar. My rig is the 500x runninh from the 1/4" l/mono output into a Peavy IPR 1600 power amp input and that is connected to a Blackstar cab. Any ideas as to where I'm going wrong?