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  1. I wish the Line 6 team appreciated more of the EHX line on the Helix. Hands down, in my opinion, the Electro-Harmonix Nano Soul Preacher is my favourite compressor pedal. With the Attack at Med, the Volume at 10, and the Sustain at two, I can use it equally to give both guitar and bass "life". None of the parameters of the three compressors have allowed me to match my "cheap" compressor pedal. Maybe its the fact none of the compressors feature a sustain. Or is that the "release" parameter of the Deluxe Comp? Also, the Small Stone Phaser has no match on the Helix. Even with all the gawldang parameters of the Deluxe Phaser. The Nano Pog.....sigh. I hope Polyphonic Pitch is coming soon. Ideascale have yet to approve my account, I think? Cool pedal otherwise. P.S. why are there artifacts of distortion when i layer through a third party looper rather than the looper which is more simplified than I need which is in the Helix. I make sure its not clipping and all that. After a few layers there's a fizzy distortion on top..
  2. I got mine back in late December from Long & McQuade....which was ordered just before September to take advantage of the "Yorkville-distributed 12 month no financing". Which helps when 1500 all of a sudden becomes 1949!!!! They said they would be getting at least 10 in that shop. Probably a tad zealous of the associate to think they were all for the Markham store.
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