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  1. Is your Rec an older model? The older models came with a parallel loop. The newer ones have serial loops. Parallel loops can cause all kinds of issues when using time/modulation effects and/or the 4 cable method.
  2. Just got mine back from the repair shop for the second time. Both times the USB port pushed back into the unit. This time it broke the PCB so they had to replace the entire unit. I'm a basement player and extremely careful with my gear. The USB design is poor -- there's no other way to look at it. With almost zero strain relief, it's just asking for trouble.
  3. This has been my experience as well.
  4. my ziggurat of paper manuals :D :D :D :D
  5. Thanks Phil. I opened a ticket. I also sent an email to the store I bought it from with the pictures to see about an exchange.
  6. I don't think it's film. I took off two long ones off the scribble strips, one off the main screen and one off the exp strip when when I got it. There aren't any more than that, are there?
  7. Not sure why this happened. My Helix is on a stand off the floor and I've never even stomped on the buttons. I've only adjusted it by hand. I noticed a mark on the Bank /\ scribble strip and when I got closer it looks like it's cracked. It's underneath the surface -- the surface is still smooth to the touch. You can notice it both when the unit's off and when it's backlit. Anyone else have this issue?
  8. What do you know. Copied and pasted to my desktop, drag and drop and it worked. (I had shortened the name in my earlier attempts but that alone didn't work). Thanks very much!
  9. Hi everyone. I'm not able to import any Redwirez IRs. I'm using the most up-to-date versions of Helix and Helix 1.06 and a computer using Windows 10. When I try to import IRs Helix 1.06 crashes. I've tried importing using the import button and also dragging and dropping. I'm trying to import the 44.1 KHz-16 bit cabs. I've even tried renaming the IRs to just one word - cab - and it still crashes. I've successfully imported Ownhammer IRs. Not sure what the problem with Redwirez is.
  10. Tomorrow's my birthday and I'm off work. Going to be a good day.
  11. So I called the Mississauga store to ask them to set the next one in aside for me. The sales dude says, "I think we have one." I told him I called earlier and the guy couldn't find it. He went searching and found it in the back storeroom. Put a deposit on it and I'm picking it up tomorrow. Last one in the chain. Lucky me!
  12. I think I get what you're getting at -- why not just order from a US store. I would except for the inevitable duty and brokerage fees which can add a lot to an order of that price)
  13. They're $2,049 CDN, although Guitar Works is selling them for $1949.99 CDN (they won't have any in stock until mid-February: http://www.guitarworks.ca/line-6-helix-preorder/)
  14. I just got off the phone with Long and McQuade to see when new units are expected to arrive. They weren't able to give an estimate. They told me there is a note appended to the Helix's SKU number that says they will only be in stock in the stores in each provincial capital -- 10 in total -- but that at each of the 57 other stores, you need to special order it and place a deposit. Not sure why they would do it this way -- I don't think people want to go through the same hassle to buy a Line 6 product that they would experience when buying a Fractal product (have to pre-order, put down a deposit and wait for it to be shipped to the specific store).
  15. Fair enough. I was just a bit surprised that your largest dealer, with 67 locations across the country, would be completely out of stock this far out from the launch.
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