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  1. Current rig helix latest update, Shuriken 250 with line6 Ht3. A issue I’m having is trying to use alternate tunings. Like Db standard tunning and lower sounds like it has a pitch shift effect. Work bench hd I have all the pitch shift turned off and magnetic pick up is off and the knob is set to model. my drop tunning has no issues like drop D In E440 sounds great.
  2. One issue I’m having is my drop tunning like D is a non issue. However when I do a Db standard tuning I here a duel string effect. Like a pitch shift, I have not been able to clear that issue up. I’m running a shuriken 250 helix with an l3t as my amp.
  3. Its completely jacked mine up even when i go back to previous up date my snapshots only blink. When you select them the small screens go blank.
  4. not sure if its the Parallel loop or serial loop. How could I tell?
  5. Did that I have control back to the front end of the amp. There is a problem with my dirty channel where the volume drops way low. If I go to my lead channel the volume does boost as its designed to do. Then when I go back to the dirty the volume is correct its weird. But from clean to dirty the volume drops off. Not sure whats going on with that. I'll try assigning to a different spot and see if that changes anything. I'll post pics later.
  6. no send and receive blocks just fx blocks you say then i will have all my amp settings back? I haven't used a line6 since my flextone II HD. So this is a new thing for me. Thank you for the reply
  7. So I have my helix using 4CM and a voodoo control switcher to change the channels. It seems like the Helix is now my pre amp and all volume treb mid bass etc. is controlled by the helix. I would rather it be the other way around. Set up is as follows Guitar in = guitar Helix FX send = infront of my amp Helix return = FX SEND on amp 1/4 out helix = FX return on amp Not sure if this is correct any advice would be great thanks.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. So I am guessing I'm gonna have to sink a lil more money into this set up to switch my channels then. so the VOODOo control switcher will work then you say. Any other cables I need to get .
  9. I can confirm that my MESA dual rectifier will not switch using a TRS to Y TS cable. It's the 100 watt not multi watt head.
  10. It's been a while since I have had a line6 product. I am new to the helix or will have it next week. I have a mesa dual rectifier 100w solo head. My question is will the helix switch my channels so I don't have to tap dance. I've been using stomp boxes for a while and the tap dancing is getting old. I have searched on this topic with no real answer. thank you for the help.
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