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Found 5 results

  1. I've been told that some amps' channel switching "do not play well" with MFX like my Helix LT. I have a Peavey Classic 30 that I could not get the channel to change when I was using my GSP1101 amp channel switcher output, nor when I tried while using my new Helix LT. I searched on all the forums and subreddits and only found lots of others with the same problem with their particular amp (looked like it was mostly Peaveys). So I went to the manufacturers... Line 6 support and Peavey support both had no clue how to make it work and could only tell me "it should work!" So I did a bunch of testing on my own and found the problem seemed to be a potential difference between the Helix & and amp that was incompatible. And I developed a circuit that has a relay to isolate the two but still enable the amp channel (and reverb) switch. The video is a test of the first build of the circuit connected between the Helix EXT AMP and the Peavey remote jack, both reverb and channel 2 are activated by Instant Commands set for either tip, ring, or both. The pic below is the in-work box to house the circuit that will go on my pedalboard next to the Helix. When I find time, I'll post the circuit schematic somewhere for others to use.
  2. Solution to Helix Ext amp switch turning off FX when switching channels. Problem: When I first used the Helix Ext Amp to switch DSL20 channels, the FX loop was 'on' when the Ultra Gain channel was activated. When the clean channel was activated the FX loop switched off. The following solved the issue for me i.e. the FX loop is on all the time, which is what I want. Explanation: DSL20 footswitch uses TSR sleeve-tip to switch channels on/off, and sleeve-ring to switch FX loop on/off. Helix permits only the use of either tip or ring or tip+sleeve connected at the same time ergo switching the amp must common the channel and FX loop (at least I think that's what's happening!!??). Solution: Send additional logic (using the 'Instant' function) to switch to 'fool' it into switching on the FX loop: 1. Connect a TRS-TRS cable from Ext Amp to DSL footswitch jack. 2. Set the ext amp channel switch: In Helix Command centre set Footswitch (choose a number 1-12) to: Command = Ext Amp, Select = 1(Tip), Type = Latching. 3. Create the additional logic: Select an 'Instant'. Set Command = Ext Amp, Select = 1(Ring), Wait time = 0 ms. Note: the Instant command only takes effect when a patch is changed as it is a global command. This is not a limitation (I think) as if the FX loop is switched on all the time, FX can be switched on/off as normal. To change the FX loop state, change the Instant setting. Hope this helps. G
  3. Hello, new helix owner. Loving all the flexibility. But not quite got the hang of everything. I have watched a dozen videos on channel switching with snapshots and midi and ext amp switching. And I can’t seem to get the right settings. I have a evh 5150 iii 50 w. I want to change channels on the amp via the ext amp/amp foot switch not via midi. Does anyone have any experience channel changing evh 5150’s with the ext amp control? I have not tried using instants via snapshots. But I have tried various combinations with footswitches(ring, tip, both etc). But I’m not getting any reaction from the amp. thanks for the help jeremy
  4. Hello, Enjoying my new HX effects I really appreciated a possiblity to assign two switches on HX Effects to Channel and FX Loop switch of my amp (and get rid of original footswitch). Assignment went OK, but unfortunatelly the switches are displaying Channel status and FX Loop status in oposite way (f.e. when I switch from Clean to Drive Led goes from On to Dim). I use TRS to TRS cable, the same jack which is on the original footswitch. And yeah, I use Marshall DSL 20HR head. Any idea? Thanks!
  5. Hello I just bought the Marshall Silver jubilee 2555x (re-issue series), 2 channels amp... (1 single button marshall footswitch ) ...very basic amp ! When i plug my helix in 4cm with my amp (Helix template : preset "4 cable method") , i connect a jack from "helix ext amp" to the input of the jubilee footswitch then i'm going to "command center" to assign the footswitch "ext amp" >> i tried to select 1 tip / 2 ring or 1&2 >>> it doesn't switch the channel when i load the preset :( any idea ???
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