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  1. Wow. Didn’t realize that was you. I watched these videos a dozen times before I bought my helix. You were always coming up in “helix evh 5153” searches. Great tone man! As you probably already know, the headphone out on the 5153 is bung. It’s about the same I’m getting out of the preamp. I also checked into the load. These amps are specifically designed to disengage the power section when anything is inserted into the headphone or pre amp out jacks. The recommendations was to ensure no speaker cable is connected if using the headphone out. for now, I am working in a tight space and it’s not possible to run my Mesa boogie 2x12. So what I really want is to have my helix running both my 5153 and an old Marshall dsl pre amp section into a daw for recording and practicing. The helix has a tremendous amount of options for signal chain. What I am struggling with is the sound coming directly out of the5153 pre amp out or send of the Marshall effects loop is incredibly thin. Not like the original tones and not like the line 6 amp+cabs. I am using the send return block and the signal is coming back. I am able to switch channels via midi(thanks again!) but the block after the return, should it be a speaker block an IR, eq? Any ideas on how to fill out that sound?
  2. Hi @DarthHollis, midi cable and programming works perfect. Thanks. Have you tried running the 5153 preamp out back into the helix and direct into cab sim or ir? Obviously the signal direct from the preamp sounds like doo doo. But I thought running through a cab or IR object would help fill out the sound. Not happening. Do you know any tricks? I am not running back out to a power amp and speaker cabinet. I am monitoring through headphones for now.
  3. Thanks Darth. I ordered a midi cable. I guess I have to cave and try it out
  4. Hello, new helix owner. Loving all the flexibility. But not quite got the hang of everything. I have watched a dozen videos on channel switching with snapshots and midi and ext amp switching. And I can’t seem to get the right settings. I have a evh 5150 iii 50 w. I want to change channels on the amp via the ext amp/amp foot switch not via midi. Does anyone have any experience channel changing evh 5150’s with the ext amp control? I have not tried using instants via snapshots. But I have tried various combinations with footswitches(ring, tip, both etc). But I’m not getting any reaction from the amp. thanks for the help jeremy
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