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  1. Can you told us if the Helix 'relay switching channel' works with your orange rockerverb ?
  2. Here's a reply on marshall forum concerning HELIX/ Marshall Jubilee : The original channel switch is just a plain grounding scheme. I see no reason why Marshall would change that. The footswitch or front panel switch > make ground connection - Rhythm channel; no ground connection - Lead channel. The Helix is where the problem lies, not the amplifier or the cable. The fact that the LED was still lit on Rhythm channel indicates the Helix is not making a direct connection to ground potential. ​if this can help to find a solution ...
  3. supported marshall for mini amp gizmo : 1962 Combo, DSL100 ,DSL201 DSL401 DSL50 JCM900 JVM Series Amp has built-in MIDI support Mode Four Supported with custom cable TSL100 Supported with custom cable TSL122 Supported with custom cable TSL60 Supported with custom cable TSL601 Supported with custom cable TSL602 Supported with custom cable ​ * silver jubilee, yjm100 and afd 100 are not in the list ... and these 3 amps have relay switching problem with Helix .... Marshall seems to have modified their footswitch circuitry since the release of the YJM100 / AFD 100.... and now the re-issue of the Jubilee ... so i'm not sure at the moment that it will work with an external midi switching system ?? my ex-YJM100 sounded better than the jubilee, and i sold my YJM mainly because of no midi switching possibilies.... and same problem again with the jubilee ? I'm totally f***ed and bored with relay switching problems...
  4. +1 i'll never open my Helix, i'm not technician at all... and i think that i'll not keep my silver jubilee if there's no relay switching possibilities....
  5. In the Helix manual (p38) : "connect ext amp 1/2 only to amplifiers that utilize "short to sleeve" footswitch input ... ( but what is a 'short to sleeve' input ???)
  6. Interesting topic on marshall forum : with the silver jubilee : somebody tried to put a marshall footswitch with LED (instead of the original without led) : the led was lightning but not switching the channels ! "If the resistance is too low, the amp may still see this as a closed circuit. I was thinking he could try increasing the value of the resistor between the switch and LED." so it looks like it is the same switching problem like the mesa mark V 25 ??? the answer was to input an extra resistor in the jack ?? @ Line6 >> IF it is the answer for most of the non working amps.... it would be great to make that "switching cable" available for everybody like fractal does with his humburster cable ?????
  7. So you can add the Marshall 2555x silver jubilee, and the Marshall YJM100 in the list .... (doesn't switch at all) I have tried all the switch button position on the jubilee ( volume & input gain pulled out or normal position) ... nothing works. an alternative would be to buy the voodoo lab control switcher ?? (but i even don't know if it will work with my amp...) i have 30 days to return the jubilee to the store.... that's really a shame because it's a great amp.
  8. So, i have correctly assigned ext amp (tip 1) to footswitch 11, and tried several cables (mono guitar jacks, speaker cable and even a stereo jack... ) : something is happening on the amp (the amp led is lightning differently (less or more) BUT it does not switch the channel ??? videos : (footswitch assign mode) (instant command mode) ???????
  9. Tagmusenmagnus1 >>> :P what a great observation !!! i didn't realize that i was assigning on the tap tempo footswitch !!! (i was pushing on the empty footswitch 11... instead of 12 ) i will try again today with correct footswitch assignement ;-)
  10. Yes, i have tried both option : instant command and assign the function to footswitch 12 (for example) in both cases, no switching at all...
  11. yes, stock footswitch works absolutely perfect and looks like this : so i'm using a single guitar jack mono cable.... but it doesn't work ???
  12. Hello I just bought the Marshall Silver jubilee 2555x (re-issue series), 2 channels amp... (1 single button marshall footswitch ) ...very basic amp ! When i plug my helix in 4cm with my amp (Helix template : preset "4 cable method") , i connect a jack from "helix ext amp" to the input of the jubilee footswitch then i'm going to "command center" to assign the footswitch "ext amp" >> i tried to select 1 tip / 2 ring or 1&2 >>> it doesn't switch the channel when i load the preset :( any idea ???
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