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  1. helvede

    Carcass / Arch Enemy

    Hei Guys! Does anyone have some Settings for the HD500 (X) for Carcass Heartwork eara? Thanks so far
  2. Hei! I can report that the "Line 6 POD HD500X" works too here on a amd64 arch linux box with at the moment 3.12.0-1 stock arch kernel and "virtualbox-bin 4.3.0-1" from aur && "virtualbox-guest-iso 4.3.2-1" && "virtualbox-host-modules 4.3.2-4" with "POD HD500X Edit 2.23" and "Line6 Monkey 1.65" I'm quite happy about that. BUT a NATIVE LINUX Software would be great!! just wanted to say that. probaly we should start some signing that we (and line 6) see how many Linux users with Line6 porducts are out there ... thanks "frmat" for the hint with unchecking the ehci box, that lead to success. windows is NO alternativ for me!