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  1. Hi guys, i have an Pod HD500x, and i want something to get the purest emulated sounds of amps and cabinets that this machine brings, so i searched on the web and i found this 2 Full Range Flat Response (aka frfr) monitors. I can't decide which one of it has the best response to the pod. Please, can you tell me in your opinion or experience which one of these is best match for the pod? here are pics of the atomic reactor: Greets, and sorry for my english!
  2. Hi, first of all, my english sucks, so im gonna try to do my best Its possible to change the amp value of the drive with a footswitch on the pod hd500x ? i've search all over the internet and all i've got is turn on and off effects and amps, but not how to change this. Please Help
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