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  1. True, that's another option. You can use the line out to drive some small cheap headphone amp like the Fiio e6 to a IEM or low impedance headphones,
  2. Hello, There has been discussion about headphones and the required impedance. I recently acquired an hd500 and was a bit skeptical about the requirement of high >300ohm impedance headphones. I had a Sennheiser Amperior hedaphones, these are quite neutral, closed back, easy to drive low impedance headphones (18ohm). They cost about 150-200 euro. When paired with the hd500 I thought the sound was not bad, but the limited soundstage of closed back headphones made the sound quite congested. The worst was that I got random disgusting noises that I thought were caused by ground loops when connecting the pod to the computer. Then I bought a Sennheiser Hd600, these are quite neutral too, but are 300 ohm and quite difficult to drive and open back. The sound now is really open, like if you were listening to an amp in a room, and best of all, there was no trace of the disgusting digital noises I had with the Amperiors. I bought them on amazon for 220 euros- I tested with my IEMs, vsonic gr04, that are quite neutral-middle centric with low impedance, and I got the noises back. Although they have greater soundstage than the Amperiors, they sounded fatiguing and congested too. So, IMHO, if you have to choose headphones to use with the POD’s HD: · Try to get high impedance headphones as Line6 recommends. · Open Back headphones will give you more open sound and a feel closer to playing through an amp. I hope it helps someone Nestor PS: excuse my English, it’s not my native language…
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