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  1. Hi my apologies for hijacking this thread but just where and what is 'studio direct'?
  2. Hello, just wondering for you guys out there using the stagesource as FRFR amp modeling. Which mode do you have it on? And what doe all the different modes like PA, 'Playback', 'floor monitor' and 'electric guitar' means?
  3. LOL yes I agree with you but I just can't be bothered with whether Line6 is gonna fix that resizeable screen or not. I would rather JUMP. To be honest, not all faults are bad. I do find the problem of HD500X's uneven volume between clean and dirty amps and how you would need to balance it up with boost and mixer blocks rather appealing.
  4. LOL if that is the case, how are you going to prove that the HD500X is superior? This is music you dumbass, if it means I can clap with my butt cheeks and make noises that is pleasant to my ears then so be it. Yes, at this point in time of my learning curve, a resizeable screen is important to me and NO I'm not going to get a computer that is dedicated to music. If Line6 is not going to fix this, I'm going BOSS or just be like a 'fractal snob' which thinks that Line6 are just 'inferior'. LOL
  5. Atomant669

    Kill Switch?

    Thanks for the suggestion, I've already got a Les Paul that does that but I need to do it on a guitar with a Floyd. Most Floyd equipped guitars doesn't come wired like that.
  6. Well then that's just too bad for Line6 cause I'm not interested in any of that Helix stuff. If they think they gonna get some sales from introducing a 'Helix light' or something even close, I'm going Boss or Fractal Audio.
  7. LOL totally agree, this is one of the reasons I picked my BOSS ME-80 over the HD500X. At least I can resize the ME-80's Tone Studio to full screen!
  8. Atomant669

    Kill Switch?

    Hi all, I am just wondering if there are any functions in the HD500X that is possible for me to use as a 'kill switch'? Without having to drill and install a kill switch on my guitar itself? I understand that there is a volume pedal but it's effects won't be the same as a 'kill switch' effect.
  9. Thank you Sir for the detailed reply. The reason I'm comparing the BOSS GT-100 is because as stated earlier. I have an ME-80 and it doesn't give me any of the problem that I am having with the 500X right now. So I'm thinking of switching over to the GT-100. Thus the question.
  10. Is this problem exclusive only to the 500X or across all amp sims? Does the BOSS GT-100 also have the same problem?
  11. THank you all for your replies, I have tried using the 4 cable method as well as just plugging in to the front of my amp. Whether if I'm using the 4 cable method or plugging into the front of my amp or running the 500X with just a stagesource speaker, I think I know what is my complaint now. I can't managed to get a clean tone to match the same volume of my metal tones and the rest of the amp model's volumes are all jumbled up. Particularly Gibtone, Solo 100, Tweet B man and all other clean amps are inaudible. Amps with Metal tones like Treadplate and Angel F-Ball's volume are just jumbled up. Some is loud and some is soft. How is it possible for me to create patches in a group that would at least match in volume? Not to mention that the tone coming out of 500X is just flat as compared to Overdriven tone on the HT5R without any effects.
  12. Thanks guys for posting your replies. What's the simplest method I can go about doing this? I am just trying to hook up the 500X without any effects and amp sims on so I can get a normal clean tone from my amp. I am building my patches from scratch. If I can hook up the BOSS ME-80 without effects and pre-amps on. Why can't I do it with the 500X?
  13. Hello everyone, I have been running the POD500X through Stagesource speakers for the past 2 years and have just switched to the Blackstar that have been sitting there. I'm building my patches from scratch on the Blackstar, but it seems like when I'm running the 500X on the clean channel of the Blackstar with no effects or amp sims on, it is very very soft and almost can't hear a thing coming out of the amp as when I plug my guitar straight to the amp or even through my BOSS ME-80(with no effects and preamps on), it is almost like it is true-bypass with no effect on the tone at all. Are there any minor settings on the 500X that I might have overlooked?
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