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  1. polmacanraoi

    line6 monkey

    anyone got a version of monkey they happened to download a few years ago?? the idiots sent me a update file, yet, ironically removed the option to update manually... i think I'm going to go to fractal and cash in a recommendation for endorsement after this experience
  2. polmacanraoi

    Line6 support lied to me

    yeah.... "Unfortunately we do not have the update available anymore" is an as-needed basis. so are you confirming that the vetta has a manufacturing fault??? ​more to the point.... how come i can't update the vetta manually in line6monkey? have you removed that too, because I've had to go to the expense of getting a midisport uno to update to 2.50 if not, which version of monkey should i use to update on my mac?
  3. polmacanraoi

    Line6 support lied to me

    here is my conversation with line6 support this week RE 2.50 update for vetta: I can not believe they blatently lied..... I think its now time to get them to stand by their customers and finally get a revised 2.50 update out there, that WONT brick amps. i laid it out simply.... LINE6 KNOW THEIR VETTA 2.50 UPDATE IS FAULTY, AND ARE NOT WILLING TO SUPPORT THE GUYS WHO SUPPORTED THEM THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH A RECESSION polmacanraoi Sep 24, 17:58 PM do you have the syx version, as your recent l6 monkey does not recognise the vetta update path afisher Sep 24, 14:23 PM VettaCombo_2_50.vtf afisher Sep 24, 14:23 PM Hello, I have attached the update. By using it, you agree to the risks of bricking your amp and understand that we cannot repair your amp for free if it does brick. The file is "use at your own risk" only. Regards, Andrew Product Support Line 6 polmacanraoi Sep 23, 10:22 AM i have invested a considerable amount of time setting up my patches to include whammy etc, which do not come in any there update. and for the record, i have never bricked a vetta before, so it is very assuming of your service manager, that all vetta owners are complete morons. i have seen other users on the forum, receiving their updates, up to last month i therefore demand an update, or i will be seeking my legal options, as i feel i was sold a product, that line6 know has a system default. otherwise, why would they take the update down, when they could've simply went back to the drawing board, and either created a simple update app, or actually distributed something that worked. As a result, i have a vetta that doesn't work. polmacanraoi Sep 23, 06:16 AM So this means that a flagship amp that has an update, doesn't have an update?? Do you not think that line6 would work on a fix rather than disabling their customers?? I am not happy about this. And this will turn me off buying any further line6 products in the future. Your service manager needs to do his job properly!! afisher Sep 22, 16:51 PM Hello, Unfortunately we do not have the update available anymore. Since there have been way too many individuals breaking their amps while updating, the service manager has taken the download down and we do not have the firmware for distribution. Regards, Andrew Product Support Line 6 For shame Andrew, and his service manager!!! Anyone that needs the update, drop me a PM, i will be uploading it to my own webpage
  4. polmacanraoi

    Vetta II 2.03 and 2.5 firmware download

    personally, i feel that line6 should either remedy this, or allow their end users to send back their vettas, and line6 provide a brand new amp... this type of microsoft-ish way of just deserting their customers would deter me from buying another line6 product ever again
  5. polmacanraoi

    Vetta II 2.03 and 2.5 firmware download

    I've just come off a chat with line6 customer support, where i told them my vetta needed the 2.50 update. i've been told that the update is no longer available, and that the line6 support don't have access to a copy of it. So now I'm left with a bricked coffee table that blinks. has ANYONE a copy of the 2.5 update for a vetta II Combo. please email to polmacanraoi@gmail.com
  6. polmacanraoi

    2.50 flash

    Does anyone have the 2.50 combo firmware in sysex format??? IF it's possible to get, I'd really appreciate a copy