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  1. My 3rd test of new FW 2.6 with the new JCM 800. I love again this new amp, it looks like much more deeper that the existing one. More definition maybe but this is my feeling, I am not a guitar tone expert just trying :) I have alternated riffs and solos to let you have an idea about that capability of this new amp. On my side, I am preferring to test with a backtrack to see what should be the mix at the end. Cheers Eric PS: this is just an impro guys.
  2. Hello, Would like just to share a short demo with you guys of the new orange amp which is finally for me a ... very good British sounding amp. I have already posted one video with Pete Anderson model, I am continuing digging the capabilities of new firmware proposed. Amps simulations look great to me coming initially from the analog world , I am more and more convinced by software sims. So here is my video here, please don't be rude with the demo, I am not a high skilled guitar player, just playing for fun and sharing sounds Settings : Tube Drive, Mandarine amp, Room reverb, Analog delay w/mod Eric
  3. Guys, give a try at Pete Anderson Custom amp and ... this is very very good. I have jammed on this one here Please be cool, I am not a great guitar player and not here to advertise myself, just to share with people that haven't the firmware and the package. The sound looks very good to me, not an expert but I love this new amp. Screamer, Wah, Amp, Delay and Reverb, a Les Paul Studio with Classic 57 that's all.
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