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  1. Hello Line 6! I think i have the same problem. All of my sounds at every channel have this little crunchy/distorted sound in the background. I believe that it´s like Silverhead say: "all sound similarly poor (fizzy, scratchy, low volume, noisy, ....)". I can't get at clear or clean sound. Its not possible because the distorted is always there. Thats the best way for me to describe it. What can i do about it? I´ve tried using "Line 6 monkey" but nothing happens. The bad sound is still there. I have also tried to do factory reset but nothing happens. I need help, please! Johan Larsson
  2. Hello Line 6! It seems like i have the same problem. My line 6 pod x3 live is sounding dist/chruchy on every sound at every channel a little bit in the background of the sound that I´ve been choosing. When i change sound It only changes a little bit but still have the disted sound on it. I think it is like you say silverhead! "all sound similarly poor (fizzy, scratchy, low volume, noisy, ....)" I need help, please! Is there anything i can do? Johan Larsson
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