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  1. So I played my 2nd gig with the fx100 last night. Bad idea. Bluetooth appeared to connect but once again I had an issue where no matter what tone you change it to it doesn't change it at all. As a result We started the gig 30 minutes late. Didn't have my log in for line 6 so couldn't do anything with the app. Crippled. Not even use what tone was already loaded. I mean- log in? Or nothing? Please. I own the hardware, the iPad, etc. That kind of control is unnecessary. no thanx. Selling it and no more line 6. I have a spider head as well that I no longer use. Why? Well knobs are way too sensitive barely tap it and your volume goes to 11. Biggest reason- you MUST use a line 6 cabinet only with 2 inputs or it'll fry. Proprietary? No thanx. I'll continue to use my G50 wireless but I'm so done with "modeling" and tone clouds and insane log-in-or-you-don't-get-to-use-your-owned-hardware. Embarrassing to start 30 minutes late. Even worse using built in distortion on my fender amp because of it. These products are best suited for amateur living room wannabes. Not pro players in a live setting. Ugh.