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  1. OK, I just bought a used HD500x and there are no presets loaded on it. I just downloaded the file listed above but how to I Install it to get the original presets?
  2. Ok, just got off the phone with customer service. As I suspected, I have a defective VDI interface unit. Guitar was recognized when I connected to my POD XT Live with the RJ-45 and a USB from my Mac to the POD XT. They are sending a new one to me.
  3. 'As I stated in my previous post, I tried plugging it into two different Mac computers, and also a hub. None worked. I am still awaiting a resolution.
  4. That's what I think too. I tried multiple USB ports on my iMac and then directly into my Mac Pro tower and a powered USB hub. Now I am running High Sierra but it was listed on the compatible software for Line Monkey. Could be I got a bum VDI USB interface. We'll see what solution I get from my support ticket. Fingers crossed.
  5. I'm afraid I checked off all the boxes JerseyBoy. Looks like the problem lies elsewhere. Going to have to call customer service. Brand spanking new guitar, and now this. :/
  6. "You should see 2 green lights on the Workbench interface when everything is connected and being recognized properly." All I see is a red light on the USB end. I am running an iMac with High Sierra, all Line 6 software has been updated. Plugged in 1/4" jack, and nothing but the red light. No lights on the RJ-45 end. Could really use some help.
  7. Trying to connect my Variax JTV-59 to my iMac. I connected all as directed above but there is only a red light on the USB to computer end, no light on the Variax end.
  8. Thanks JerseyBoy (from this Brooklyn Boy!) Do you know if they have discontinued making the JTV-59? They seem REALLY hard to find, and when I do they are limited in the finishes available.
  9. Hi, I'm on that scary precipice of just about to order a new guitar. I have been torn between the JTV-69 Standard and the JTV-59. I know when in Acoustic modelling mode, the 5-way switch on the JTV-69 will change the acoustic model. But since the JTV-59 only has a 3-way switch I wonder if it has the same number of acoustic model choices. Thanks in advance for your help. P.S. - I sure wish there were Variax dealers in my area. I have never bought a guitar without playing it first, and to be honest, I'm a little nervous. Lee - Warwick, RI
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