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  1. I have the FBV version. I don't think the MIDI is a cheap chinese one as it took only 2 days to ship instead of 2 months like the last piece of garbage I ordered from China. My OS is Windows 7 Service Pack 1. When I try to connect to L6Edit my device just doesn't even show up via MIDI. Someone else told me I needed to use a USB to 1/4" to connect to L6Edit which frustrated me more and confused me. I will try the offline update and see if it works.
  2. I have tried this over and over. Ok so I just got a brand new POD 2.0 and the online guide and such said it would come with software and a cable to connect to my computer and it didn't but that's not the real issue (just a frustration). I bought a MIDI cable and connected it properly (MIDI Out cable to MIDI In on the device and MIDI In cable to MIDI Out on the device) and also vice versa just to see if it would work. I am trying to connect to Monkey to be able to check for updates and also to locate the device on my computer so I can eventually use Line 6 Edit. So I boot up the program (picture 1) and check the top list for POD 2.0 and it is not there (picture 2). I then click the second option and selected POD 2.0 from the drop down box (picture 3). I also tested all 3 options that are in the MIDI Out drop box (picture 4) and every single one gave me the message in Picture 5. I went ahead and clicked OK (I have tried proceeding with all 3 options) and moved on to picture 6. I click on update selection and went through all the stuff it tells me to do including turning off POD 2.0 pressing and holding the MIDI button then turning it back on. The POD 2.0 display showed "F" and a flashing dot next to it. It then shows the error from picture 7. I have no idea what to do there are literally no instructions that came with the device and I don't know what else to do. Please help.
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