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  1. I do not know what you mean when you say "booms used in radio station studios". Can you maybe link me to one?
  2. Maybe. Here is the link to the scissor arm i bought: It comes with a build in XLR cable.
  3. Yes, I have the phantom power switch on because without it, my mic ceases to function. What do you mean by a "good" XLR cable? I am using a standard XLR-XLR cable that came with my scissor arm.
  4. Hi. I am currently using a Audio-Technica AT2035 running through a UX2 audio interface connected to my computer through USB and it picks me up, but I am really low. I tried messing around with the settings in POD Farm 2.0, but it didn't make a difference. I tried also to change the settings in the windows sound control panel by changing the microphone volume. Some people suggested checking the microphone boost check box, but when I do, there is no difference. There isn't even a slider to change how much it boosts. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. If you would like to know just how low I am, check out this youtube video I made:
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