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  1. I definitely agree. Feels like a "better than nothing" approach, which isn't necessarily a bad approach.
  2. https://youtu.be/JwxB8YIyBYQ Honestly though, just look at the difference (sorry for phone video, easiest solution). I might indeed open a ticket for this one...
  3. I just started my 15 days trial today and I mostly like this software but seriously, why is the input meter so glitchy? Output meter too. Compared to my DAW's (REAPER) meters, Helix Native's meter sometimes simply "doesn't notice" I just played a note, and when it does, it's some random level. Also the little bar that marks the highest volume reached sometimes just doesn't appear. Honestly looks like a bug. It's just barely usable to set the input gain. Or is it just me? Running on Windows 10, VST3.
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