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  1. Hi all, I recently bought a G10 system and have so far used it for a couple of gigs and a few rehearsals and it has been flawless, but reading the various forums I am concerned about the USB connection lasting. I play in a band which practices once a week and gigs 2 -3 times a month. I only really wanted a wireless system to free the stage of cables, I'm not planning on running into the audience, so the G10 looked ideal. Most of the posts I've seen about the dodgy USB connection seem to be from last year, so I was wondering whether this has been improved? I've been looking at alternatives but the G30 seems to have issues with the battery door and clip and the G50 or G70 seem overkill for what I need. My local music store has the G70 at a really good price at the moment (cheaper than the G50), so I'm wondering whether to bite the bullet and exchange the G10 for this, even though I will never use most of the features, just so that I know that it will be road worthy. Any advice will be really appreciated.
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