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  1. These are bad, but expected news :(
  2. Hi guys, I'm facing some confusion you can help me sort out. I'm trying to interface HD500X with external MIDI controller. HD500X can send FS push as MIDI message, and FX stomps can be controlled (enabled/disable) by external MIDI message. Problem is, that these two things are not consistent, i.e. FS push keeps its own state. In reality it behaves like this: - load preset, HD sends MIDI CC messages with values according to initial FS setup - controller reads values (0/127) for FS and indicate status - when using HD switches, controller responds with state toggle acordingly, BUT - when you send MIDI CC to control FX stomp enable disable, HD responds with enable/disable and light indication AND - on next FS push HD doesn't send actual FX stomp acitvation/deactivation, but opposite to the last state when FS has been pushed. 1. HD load and send CC 127 on enabled stomps 2. EXT controller receives messages, saves states, indicate on/off 3. push HD FS - HD sends CC 0 (on FX disable), HD turns LED off, EXT controller disables LED indication, sets internal state to 0 4. push EXT controller, it sends CC 127 -> trying to enable FX stomp, HD receives CC, enables FX and light up LED 5. push HD FS - HD disables FX stomp, but SEND CC 127!!!! = controlling FX on/off isn't consistent when using both controllers Any ideas how to solve this strange behavior? What I need is, that both controllers are with sync. Thanks a lot Regards T.
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