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  1. Hi, I suppose Monkey back ups all firmware version it has upgraded to enable a downgrade at a later stage. Probably you have bought your POD with firmware version 1.21 and did some upgrades. These versions can be downloaded on the Line6 page (can't find at the moment, but I was able to find them) I downloaded all previous version and installed them. If you want I can email the file to you, just send me a PM with your email address.
  2. Hi a new episode to this story, Played along with the POD, and was able to downgrade the firmware to version 1.0 and guess what, it booted and I was able to use the pod without the computer. Upgrading the POD to the latest firmware version and the same issue again, rebooting and not able to select other tones. Downloaded all available firmware versions and I have tried them all without success :(. Back to version 1.0 and it works. However, I'm not able to work with Gearbox, there is no communication between POD and PC in the sense of tunes. Gearbox asked to upgrade the firmware but that makes not sense, it won't work. The bank causing the problem is now overwritten. It seems to me (wild guess of course) the old firmware uses less bytes on the bank and there still might be a few corrupt locations inside. Are there people familiar with this issue? Thanks
  3. I think the tone itself is damaged or corrupted. Used gearbox before the failure, but currently there is no usb connection (only in safe mode there is some communication). It happened when I selected the tone in gearbox (my computer was hanging and only an forced reboot of the pc helped) and reboot the POD without usb connection, this to delete the tone manually (in the beginning it even was on a higher bank, after an update of the firmware it was moved to the first bank).
  4. Played around with the POD, re-flashed downgrade upgrade. When I boot the POD in the safe mode and start Gearbox this error message is displayed. Version is 2.01 --------------------------- GearBox --------------------------- This tone requires you update your POD X3 to 2.00 or higher. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
  5. Hardware, firmware, corrupted bootloader of firmware multiple root causes could causing a re-booting device.
  6. Thanks, I'm aware of the AC version of the PSU (thanks to you guys :)). Plugged in an original working PSU from an other POD X3 Live, but still no result. Checked my PSU in the other POD X3 Live and it seems to be ok. Re-installed the firmware with use of the other PSU but no progress made As the PSU seems not to be the issue, It is a firmware issue in the device, I'm open for new ideas.
  7. Thanks, I will borrow a power supply from a friend to verify mine. I will check the specifications first, as far as I know it is the original power supply.
  8. Thanks Toneman2121, however still no result. I'm able to navigate through the menu when booting with the right arrow button pressed, but I'm not able to select "reset user presets", there is a menu displayed with the entries, "Pedal Call -", "Buttons - ", "Pots - ", Ëncoders - ", "Flash - ", "SDRAM - ", "LEDs - ", "LCD - ", "Variax - ", "Jacks - ". Navigating to the Flash item and press the save button for >5 seconds but no reaction for the device. However when the POD has been booted in this menu I'm able to connect to it using Monkey. With monkey I performed below described actions with the Device Firmware (overwrite user presets followed the steps as described by the wizard): Flash Memory: Re-install Latest -> no difference, during this action the corrupt bank has been copied from bank 30A to 01A USB Firmware: Re-install Latest -> no difference Flash Memory, Rollback to version 1.21 -> no difference Flash Memory, Upgrade to version 2.01 -> no difference From the backup and Restore tab in Monkey: Download and installed Pack Fanatic Bundle File: Studio & Live -> no difference (all banks including 01A are overwritten) Removed the power plug for 30 seconds, etc.
  9. Thanks toneman, I tried to reset it with the home button (it's published more than once) but unfortunately this only works when the POD's software is loaded completely. The problem with my POD is the booting is not completed, so there must be a reset button somewhere in that device to reset the POD to factory setting and load the defaults from EEPROM or other memory without the use of software to navigate through menu's etc.
  10. Hi all, I encounter a problem with my POD X3 LIVE, it keeps on rebooting, the display shows the Logo "Line 6" and reboots immediately followed wit a reboot. This continues now for about 45 minutes. Monkey does not recognize the device, hence it's not booted yet. Before this I had some problems with a memory bank that seems corrupted, no sound when it was selected, no name but **** on tone 2 and a frozen computer (windows 7 Home). Is there a way to reset this device? Thanks in advance Jeroen
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