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  1. There are no IR's included with the pod go (as far as I know), so that list will be empty until you add your own.
  2. I"m late to the party here, but footswitch naming is essential in a pedal like this. Given the limited nature of the pedal (not a bad thing - it's why i bought it. Less 'decision paralysis'), you must rely heavily on controllers to get the most out of it. I do this: instead of using a drive pedal, choose an amp with a great clean tone. Then use the "free" eq block before the amp with the level boosted way up. Assign a controller to turn on the eq block while simultaneously turning down the amp volume. Instant amp distortion. No additional pedals needed. Instead of choosing two reverb pedals, I use Ganymede with mod low and decay low, as always on, and then a controller to up the mod/decay/alter tone, etc. This gives you a standard short decay verb and a big lush verb using one pedal. Instead of two delay blocks, I follow a similar set up to the reverb using one footswitch and then another to turn the delay on and off Now, I have essentially 5 "pedals" using 4 footswitches. However, 3 out of 6 footswtiches say "multiple" and have the same color LED ring.
  3. I am also curious about this. I have an EV-2 that I tried to calibrate but did not work. I assumed I did it wrong, but maybe they are not compatible? The behavior as volume pedal: Heel all the way down, no volume (as expected). Half way through sweep and volume is 100%. Toe all the way down and no volume.(this should be 100% volume).
  4. What do you think of the Strymon sunset? I've had my eye on it for a little while. I have a bogner ecstasy overdrive and and wondering if the sunset would be more versatile. (I also use the king of tone and ocd models in my hx stomp).
  5. So, I have upgraded to the most recent version of HX Stomp firmware.. 2.82.X I am noticing that footswitch three light right will turn on even though there is nothing assigned to it. It lights up blue and stays lit up until I touch it with my finger and then it turns off. It has done this a few times. It doesn't negatively affect me right now, but it is strange none the less. I bought the stomp new 3 months ago. Has anyone else seen this behavior? If so, is this a software issue from the most recent update, or a potential hardware issue that I should send it off for repairs? Thanks!
  6. Hey, so i'm a little confused as to what to set to line level in this signal flow. I have the following: guitar -> hx stomp input -> effects loop block --> hx effects input --> hx effects output --> eventide space input -> eventide space output --> effects return of hx stomp -> PowerCab So, I know the hx stomp instrument has to be set to instrument since I'm plugging a guitar into it, but do I hset the outs on ALL my devices to line level? I'm guessing no, because the space is clipping a bit.. but I'm not sure what the best way to set it up is. Thanks for any insight.
  7. "Any of the Voodoo Lab stuff?" i know the Voodoo Lab 4x4 works, but you have to have them make a custom cable for it. That was $15 plus shipping.
  8. I apologize if this has been asked before. Is there anything special about the output jacks on the Helix/Stomp or can I plug whatever pedal is at the end of my signal chain directly into the Powercab? Hx Stomp -> pedals -> pedals -> Eventide Space -> [ Powercab ] My Powercab is en route and I am planning the Stomp configuration right now. Trying to save myself a block (effects loop block) in the Stomp. Thanks.
  9. 5+12? What does that mean? Beyond 17, that is.
  10. I am also curious about this. I thought it was strictly for aesthetics, but everything else Helix related is well thought out and everything serves a purpose, so purely aesthetic reasons does seem to make sense.
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