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  1. First of all, I don’t appreciate being called a “sucker” which is what your post is implying. Second, I am plugging directly into a cab. There is no micing. There is no recording. At no point would my signal be converted to digital. I paid a lot for and the love the sound of my amp. And I want to retain the sound of my amp, hence the parallel mixer. i like the HX Effects and want to incorporate it without trashing my amp tone by running it through ad/da conversion. So if your only reason for posing is to sh@t on my original post, I would kindly ask you to keep it to yourself. In addition, I don’t think Line 6 would appreciate you saying that buying the HX Effects is “cheaping out”. But perhaps you’re right and I’ll stick with Strymon with the analog dry.
  2. Well, my concern is I just dropped 2k on a head, 1.2k on a cab. I don’t want this sound running through a converter. I want the pure analog signal the whole way through.
  3. I have an HX Effects. I have a Suhr Minimix Ii. I have a Mesa California Tweed. The Suhr basically takes my serial effects loop and turns it into a parallel loop so that I can blend the wet Hx effects signal with my analog Mesa signal. This way my amp is never converted to digital.Can anyone point me to a guide with how I would need to set my loop block or my wet effects? I know I will have to set anything that would normally run in the loop to 100% wet, but is that just the first effect, or the last effect? Or do I need to put all effects in parallel and run them all at 100% wet? For instance, I have have a delay and reverb, would I set those in parallel in the HX effects and then set their mix to 100% or could I put them in serial and set them a certain way?
  4. Whoops. Didn't mean to open up a can of worms with that post. Quite honestly, I would be happy with just a "fade out stop" option and "stop at end of loop" option. I'm thinking that could be done via software. (Though would require more dsp, I'm guessing) Either way, pretty freaking happy with the Helix as is.
  5. I'm holding out hope for some looper enhancements. (Admittedly, probably not high on most people's lists). I'd be happy with a few more looper stop options and maybe some dual synched loops. Would love to be able to cast off my external looper and be 100% Helix.
  6. There are no IR's included with the pod go (as far as I know), so that list will be empty until you add your own.
  7. I"m late to the party here, but footswitch naming is essential in a pedal like this. Given the limited nature of the pedal (not a bad thing - it's why i bought it. Less 'decision paralysis'), you must rely heavily on controllers to get the most out of it. I do this: instead of using a drive pedal, choose an amp with a great clean tone. Then use the "free" eq block before the amp with the level boosted way up. Assign a controller to turn on the eq block while simultaneously turning down the amp volume. Instant amp distortion. No additional pedals needed. Instead of choosing two reverb pedals, I use Ganymede with mod low and decay low, as always on, and then a controller to up the mod/decay/alter tone, etc. This gives you a standard short decay verb and a big lush verb using one pedal. Instead of two delay blocks, I follow a similar set up to the reverb using one footswitch and then another to turn the delay on and off Now, I have essentially 5 "pedals" using 4 footswitches. However, 3 out of 6 footswtiches say "multiple" and have the same color LED ring.
  8. I am also curious about this. I have an EV-2 that I tried to calibrate but did not work. I assumed I did it wrong, but maybe they are not compatible? The behavior as volume pedal: Heel all the way down, no volume (as expected). Half way through sweep and volume is 100%. Toe all the way down and no volume.(this should be 100% volume).
  9. What do you think of the Strymon sunset? I've had my eye on it for a little while. I have a bogner ecstasy overdrive and and wondering if the sunset would be more versatile. (I also use the king of tone and ocd models in my hx stomp).
  10. So, I have upgraded to the most recent version of HX Stomp firmware.. 2.82.X I am noticing that footswitch three light right will turn on even though there is nothing assigned to it. It lights up blue and stays lit up until I touch it with my finger and then it turns off. It has done this a few times. It doesn't negatively affect me right now, but it is strange none the less. I bought the stomp new 3 months ago. Has anyone else seen this behavior? If so, is this a software issue from the most recent update, or a potential hardware issue that I should send it off for repairs? Thanks!
  11. Hey, so i'm a little confused as to what to set to line level in this signal flow. I have the following: guitar -> hx stomp input -> effects loop block --> hx effects input --> hx effects output --> eventide space input -> eventide space output --> effects return of hx stomp -> PowerCab So, I know the hx stomp instrument has to be set to instrument since I'm plugging a guitar into it, but do I hset the outs on ALL my devices to line level? I'm guessing no, because the space is clipping a bit.. but I'm not sure what the best way to set it up is. Thanks for any insight.
  12. "Any of the Voodoo Lab stuff?" i know the Voodoo Lab 4x4 works, but you have to have them make a custom cable for it. That was $15 plus shipping.
  13. I apologize if this has been asked before. Is there anything special about the output jacks on the Helix/Stomp or can I plug whatever pedal is at the end of my signal chain directly into the Powercab? Hx Stomp -> pedals -> pedals -> Eventide Space -> [ Powercab ] My Powercab is en route and I am planning the Stomp configuration right now. Trying to save myself a block (effects loop block) in the Stomp. Thanks.
  14. 5+12? What does that mean? Beyond 17, that is.
  15. I am also curious about this. I thought it was strictly for aesthetics, but everything else Helix related is well thought out and everything serves a purpose, so purely aesthetic reasons does seem to make sense.
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