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  1. what an awful April fool's joke to play on people SMH
  2. I am doing the same thing splitting to dual signals with mic in channel b and guitar in channel a. The gain knob is kinda touchy and my mic is less than superior. Some suggest the vintage pre for vocals but it sounds muddy to me. The harmonizers sound cool. Im researching to find out how to have stereo effects for guitar and not for vocals but using dual paths. There isnt very much information about using a mic so hopefully others will come out and share.
  3. I am doing something similar with a DigiRP1000 and have found that the best tones have come using the Amp loop of the RP and using the POD as a preamp of sorts. The most success I have had is from finding out exactly what you want from each unit. For me the amps from the POD and the effects plus XLR outs from digitech. Split em apart and tweak what you need from each individually and then run them together and get them to play nice. My suggestion would be to use delays/verbs from one or the other because echoes from both can be frustrating and if you use any noise gates its best to put those on whichever is the latter in your signal chain.
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