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  1. All right Brazzy! Thanks for the help! I will accept your advice and move on with my line 6 Studio Ux2... One question: My computer configurations are: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHz 4gb RAM 500gb HD Mother Board Asus Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT (video) Wndows 8.1 64 bits Do you think that I have to do some upgrades? Maybe the RAM memory?
  2. I try to desconnect the USB and reconnect, but the red lights just blink!!! I have to restart my computer!!! It's the only solution for the moment!
  3. F&¨$&$(&¨¨%#*)$#)*... I don't understand that lollipop!!! Last night I did all the stuffs that you say! The sound was perfect for hours, on players, youtube, nuendo!!! But now, when I was seeing a video, the sound stops, and the video to! I don't now what to do!!!
  4. All right... I installed Pod Farm and authorized all licenses... I run the Monkey... and the lincense manager... Now I´m testing... The audio don´t stop yet... I will come back for more informations if the problem persist... Anyway, thanks very much... It's good to count with you...
  5. Done... (i did this before but i'm trying again) Driver version USB firmware 1.02 Line 6 Monkey 1.65 Gearbox 3.72 Line 6 License manager 1.07 Asio was uninstalled... I will test and come back... Anything about the audiodg.exe file from windows system? Or Windows audio device graphic isolation? Thanks very much!!!
  6. Yes... I'm using the Asio 4all device. When I start my computer the device is ok: > Line 6 UX2 >>> Out: 2x 44.1-48Khz, 24 Bits (audio ok) >>> In: 2x 44.1-48Khz, 24 Bits (audio ok) Suddenly the audio freeze (when I listen to music or see a video) and the Asio4all is like that: > Line 6 UX2 XXX Out: 2x 44.1-48Khz, 24 Bits (marked with an X) >>> In: 2x 44.1-48Khz, 24 Bits (audio ok) Important: I disabled the other audio devices of my computer (Realtek High Definition Audio)
  7. Hello, I'm from Brazil, sorry for my english mistakes in this post! My line 6 was perfect, but a few weeks ago it started to presented problems... When I use the Nuendo 4, or GearBox, or Guitarig, the sound of my guitar is ok! I mean, the Input is ok!!! But, when I´m using other player programs from windows, like Winamp, Media Player, YouTube and others, the "output" sound just crash and the sound freeze!!! So I open Nuendo 4, or Gearbox, and the sound of my guitar (input) is ok! But mp3 sounds and videos no... I'm trying to found the solution for that problem for weeks in Foruns of Microsoft, Line 6, and others... Some people are talking about AUDIODG.EXE or Windows Audio Device Graphic Isolation! This devices started when I run any audio archive im my computer! But I don't no how to fix it... I have Windows 8.1. My drivers are updated! How can I fix that issue? Thanks anyway!
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