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  1. Since none of the connections looked loose, I gave it a thorough cleaning with compressed air and it looks to have done the trick, thanks!
  2. And to follow up on the feedback issue hurghanico: I would've though the same as well regarding the output level, so I tested it with different combinations. Whenever I added guitar to input 2, the feedback returned. Switching back to a disused input cleared it up every time and I can set the drive, gain and volumes to whatever I want with zero feedback.
  3. Thanks, guys. I was hesitant to open it after problems with the DL4, but I'll give it a try!
  4. I've been using the 500x consistently in rehearsals for about six months and had finally felt comfortable enough to leave all of my other effects at home (with the exception of my FLUX:FX iPad app...it is stellar!) As Murphy would have it, it started crapping out on me at the worst time. It seems that the up and down switches (on the left side of the unit with the arrows) started coming to life on their own and scrolling though all of the patches. I didn't notice until I hit the D button; it should have unleashed a thick distortion preset, but instead I had to solo with a funky clean slapback patch...after my embarrassment died away, I was able to laugh along with everyone. If it were just the one time, no worries, but now it happens at least a few times each set. I admit I am rough with the thing. It is in and out of vans and cars and gets banged up fairly regularly. I've since tried upgrading all of the software and restoring to factory settings, but it didn't change a thing. The only way I could get it to stop cycling (apart from selecting a random patch with the A,B,C or D buttons) was to give the side of the board a knock with my heel. That stops it. I'm assuming it's all hardware. I've no problem with sending it in for a refurb, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue. Also, after spending a lot of time tweaking presets, I'd noticed that anything with distortion was feeding back though my powered speaker or any amp I'd try. After frustrating a wonderful sound guy to no end, we cut the drive and volumes on the pedalboard extremely low and used a combination of the amp and the XLR to the house mains to get a decent show volume. After surfing the boards I'd discovered that the patches I'd built had the input sources both set to guitar+aux or guitar+aux and same. Apparently this creates a feedback loop you can't tweak away. Once I switched input 2 to variax or mic, no issues. If this has frustrated anyone else, give it a try.
  5. Forget it...Figured it out.......as it says, "Just Startin'."
  6. Genius! That did the trick! Thank you, Zap! I'm smiling wider than the Line 6 Monkey! For some reason the most current drivers wouldn't work. Should I stick with these drivers or should I try updating to 7.3.6 now that 7.2.9 updated successfully?
  7. Gave that a try and the drivers uninstalled successfully. Still doesn't recognize the SN, but I reinstalled the drivers again and the same thing happens. After the reboot the Monkey still show the drivers as not installed.
  8. Yup, I tried that. It says they installed successfully, I reboot and then when I open the Monkey again it says INSTALLED: No next to the drivers.
  9. Hi. I recently purchased the POD HD500x second hand and I was using the Edit program for the first time. It said the device was not connected so I went to the Monkey. It showed the device but the serial number was listed as unknown. I registered the serial number correctly under my account, but I don't know where the Monkey is looking for the SN. I've gone through the all of the online suggestions (i.e. plugging in the device while holding the left arrow) but nothing seems to help. I can't install drivers or update either the flash memory or the USB firmware. Any suggestions? I already have a ticket open. Ah, the joys of buying used gear...
  10. Ah, I get what your saying. I use it in a different fashion and actually dump my loops down to other loopers to build multiple movements. With bowed strings you can sneak in behind the beat without causing much of a fuss. I can see where your situation would require some acrobatics!
  11. Where do you think the looper falls short live? I've been using the DL4 in my live setup since it came out and I love it. Is there a big difference?
  12. Glad to see there are people sharing their experiences with the Amplifi. What is the main reason to avoid using the headphone out as a DI option? I go back and forth between bowed instruments and electric guitars and often use my current rig in a DI setting. Does it clip the signal or affect the sound horribly? I'm not too familiar with amplifiers and usually go direct. Not having a dedicated DI is the only thing preventing me from purchasing this amp.
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