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  1. I work with a guy who swears he never rebiases his tube amps. I told him I was going to have the original tubes swapped out of my DT25 combo for some new JJ tubes and he believes it shouldn't need re-biased. I'd be afraid I'd fry something if I didn't have that done, as I'm a complete newb with that stuff. Any thoughts? Wes
  2. On boyce's recommendation, I just bought a matched pair of JJ's EL84's and the recommended phase inverter ECC83S/12ax7 tube. Can't wait to see what they do for my amp! Wes
  3. Just ordered some new JJ tubes for my DT25!:)

  4. Good tips here! I lowered the amp stand that my amp sits on so I'm not as "on axis" as I used to be. Wes
  5. I leave my DT25 and HD500 at church, so I won't be able to get to them until this weekend. But I am definitely interested in finding out just what works best. Thanks, guys! Keep any info coming!:)
  6. I don't think I ever took the HD500 out of the equation and just tried using the DT25 all by itself. I should have tried running the DT25 by itself with the master volume low and channel volume high...then compared with running the master volume high and channel volume low.
  7. Hey, guys! I use my DT25 combo live at our church with a POD HD500. Just curious as to whether the power tubes work harder, or provide more tube warmth when the master volume on the DT25 is set higher. I've read conflicting reports. I've heard guys run the DT25 master volume very high, then control the patch volume from the HD500 (I've used the amp model's channel volume to do this.) Others keep the DT25's master volume lower and then raise the volume with the HD500's amp model channel volume. Anybody know for sure? Thanks in advance! Wes
  8. I agree completely. Different guitars, pickups and touch will make all of us sound different. Just looking for some basic things others are finding great tones with so I can see how their amp and effects chain are set up. Thanks!
  9. I see that they're all panned hard left and right. When using a mono amp (DT25 in my case,) what are the advantages of panning hard left and right versus the other methods I've seen of panning both to center or muting path B in the mixer?
  10. Hi, guys! I use my DT25 combo as a personal monitor and it's in front of me, angled up on an amp stand. I'm sure that's a lot different than most people, who probably use it as a backline amp. I'm not the greatest with coming up with patches that translate well from the HD500 to the DT25. I use a Strat with a Dimarzio humbucker in the bridge and a Dimarzio Cruiser in the neck position. The Strat has an ash body and a maple neck/fretboard. Any of you that use the HD500 and DT25, have you uploaded any of your patches? Or, if not, could you email them to me? I'm really struggling, but I know there are some great tones to be found. Thanks! Wes
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