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  1. Guys, thank you for all the input and the quick responses it's really great to see a forum like this! I tried the Helix through my own PA and everything worked out fine. Definitely must have been something on the other end of that P A I tried last week. Thanks again guys
  2. I recently purchased the Helix and I was trying to use the XLR in a PA. However when I plugged in there was latency, very noticeable latency. I could almost hear my initial pluck of the string, but very, very faint and then the actual sound comes in late. I would expect this from the USB PC connection, but very strange with the XLR to a PA. I have no latency issues through the 1/4" or USB connection I looked all over the setting, manual, forums, youtube and could not find anything on this. HELP...
  3. I did end up putting both heads next to each other and just coping them by ear. Not too bad. The spider IV is a lot better and it was a big help using the spider edit while I was messing with the sounds. I really like that you can save your presets to your laptop, too.
  4. I recently bought a Spider IV and I was wondering if anyone knows if I can transfer my Spider III users channels to my Spider IV? Or maybe some sort of save to my computer and upload... I'm registered with Line 6 and have the Line 6 Monkey, Lilne 6 FBV Control and Spider IV Edit, too
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