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  1. This thread is really old, which tells me they haven't updated the app to resolve this issue. I would love to see this work since I use Apple products for my music stuff.
  2. I installed Windows 10 when it was released. I did a "clean" install: reformatted my SSD, installed windows 8.1 pro then win 10 pro. No joy with sound. Opened a ticket with support. They asked what the Line6 device I was using however it was part of the ticket. They told me Windows 10 was pre-release but asked what build. Odd that a hardware and software company DOES NOT KNOW THE RELEASE of a major operating system. I provided all of this detail 6 days ago. Now I feel like I am stuck with the choice of running a lesser OS (I really need 10) OR getting a new instrument interface. At this point I don't feel like there is any realistic expectation I will even hear back from Line 6. Rather angry at this point so I am leaning towards considering my line 6 hardware a bad idea and finding something better supported.
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