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  1. Meris_us

    New SVpre by Meris

    Still in progress, thanks for your support! -terry
  2. Meris_us

    New SVpre by Meris

    Hey Guys, As you might know, Line6 has discontinued the spider valve line since this thread was started. As such we've had to re-evaluate the product direction. Rest assured it's still in progress but will take a little longer that we had originally hoped. Thanks for your patience! Please feel free to email us: meris.us/contact -terry
  3. Meris_us

    New SVpre by Meris

    If I were to venture a guess i'd say it's very possible. Although I've never seen the input section of a DT series amp as of yet. -terry
  4. Meris_us

    New SVpre by Meris

    Great! Thanks for your support. Anyone who is interested in getting a new SVpre for a MK1 or MK2 please contact me here: http://meris.us/contact I'll respond personally to everyone who does. -terry
  5. Meris_us

    New SVpre by Meris

    Thanks Space! Good to hear from you man. And good to hear the SVpre and MK1 are still going strong. I'd make sure this new board will fit in MK2s as well :) -terry
  6. Meris_us

    Sv-pre By Strymon

    Happy and humbled that so many of you are still interested in SVpre after all these years. I originally designed it as my first product when I started strymon. It's been out of production since 2010 I believe. Enough of you have expressed interest that I can consider manufacturing a new batch under my new brand Meris. Please contact me here if you'd like to get one: http://meris.us/contact I'll respond personally to everyone who does. Could someone please start a new thread called "New SVpre by Meris" :) -terry
  7. Meris_us

    Sv-pre By Strymon

    Electrically possible yes, however the original SVpre wouldn't have fit in the MK2 mechanically.
  8. Meris_us

    Sv-pre By Strymon

    Hey Guys/Gals, I'm here now: http://meris.us I founded strymon and designed the SVpre. I left as of a little over a year ago and founded my new company Meris. If anyone wants to send me a question, etc. our contact info is here: http://meris.us/contact I'll answer emails from any of you personally. -terry
  9. Meris_us

    How To Replace Internal Fuse On Spider Valve Mk2

    If you do have a blown fuse, I wouldn't advise replacing it and trying the amp again. It likely blew for a reason and you could further damage the amp if you replace the fuse and power it up again. Safest bet is to take it to your nearest service center and have them check it out.