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  1. Hi everyone. Bought yesterday the baby here in Milano, Italy ! Very nice object ! Silvio
  2. silvioa

    75 Or 150?

    right, charlie - but i don't want a larger amp, only improve the output and tone of the guitar cone unit. i've found available also the jensen c8r in 4 ohm, seemly with good performance
  3. silvioa

    75 Or 150?

    really, urban space, very tight - i've completely opened today the amplify 75 detaching the electronics - no space for a 10' from inside, nor for nesting in the box - maybe it could be possible to change to a 10' speaker screwing it from outside with major modifications of the baffle, sawing the lower angle of the frames of the two-way small speaker and milling the space for the speaker flange. other ideas to improve the output and bass response: (i) reframing the entire amp, building a wooden case with 2-3 inch more space and losing the modern look. (ii) swapping to the only high quality speaker I could be able to find in the world market: eminence patriot 820h 8'-4ohm. I will now decide which way.... silvio
  4. silvioa

    75 Or 150?

    75 is nice, good sounding and adequate at home and small gigs with friends at reasonable volume. Not enough to play in medium sized halls or with high volume bass / percussions. I've ordered a 10' 4ohm jensen speaker. I will try to swap the 8', and will let you all to know it will be better... To the next.. silvio
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