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  1. Hello All, I've noticed that when I am playing my Variax JTV89F without Modelling on, and if I change to a new patch that Modelling is then turned on? I would think that whatever I have on for the guitar would stay the same? Is there a way to not engage modelling when changing between patches? I'm new to this. - Thanks!! Change patches on my 500X, it lights up modelling on the guitar.
  2. Or maybe a 69 with no Trem. I wanted the 89F for the complete package of 24Frets and Tremolo, but if it is at a cost of having a dead string. What is my best bet 69 or 59 compared in terms of the most likely getting one that just works? - Thank you.
  3. I just got my 2nd (Replacement) JTV-89F from Sweetwater, the first one went back because L6 had installed a JTV59 board, and the modeling and tuning knobs were all wrong, misplaced I should say. It came up as a JTV59 on Workbench. Just got my new JTV-89F Replacement and I am noticing that the Low E string is barely audible compared to the other strings. And this is happening with and without modeling. After reading this string, I am not sure that the 89F is right for me if these issues are inherent with the Graphtec? Would I be better off sending back this 89F and getting a 59 hardtail? Thanks Guys!
  4. Not sure about that, but I got my 89F right after new years, and I had to send it back to sweetwater. The 89F was being seen as a 59 by Workbench. Line6 Tech said it was the wrong board on the 89F. Sweetwater was great about the return. I'm hoping the new one will not have issues.
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