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  1. I loved the idea of the AMPLIFi amps, however, I wish I would have looked at this forum before making my purchase. My AMPLIFi 75 went back to the store today. It's a nice looking amp, and the concept is great. I just think Line 6 needed some more time or additional feedback on the amps features. Limiting this amp to only 4 presets was probably the biggest oversight in my opinion. All of their other amps have preset banks that allow you to store a lot more custom settings. This amp relies heavily on its Bluetooth capability, and it just doesn't work that well. Whether I was streaming music or trying to update a preset the Bluetooth connection would just drop. It wasn't constant, but enough to be bothersome. My iPad was never more than a few feet from the amp, but in the middle of changing something you could tell the connection was lost. Also when changing a setting it seemed like there wasn't much of a change to the tone. You could move the sliders in the App all the way up and down, and it didn't sound that much different. Maybe if they develop an AMPLIFi 2 I will come back to check it out. I will visit the forum first.
  2. Will do.
  3. The new AMPLIFi amps seem great for practice or studio use, but I can't see them being used to play live very easily. With a limit of only 4 presets stored in the amp at any time it seems like playing live with it would be difficult and nerve racking. The iOS App is great, but there is some latency when using it to switch presets so I don't think it could be used very easily on stage. I'm surprised that the AMPLIFi amps don't have preset banks like other Line 6 amps. It would be nice if you could store at least 9 banks with 4 presets each to make using the amp live easier. Maybe in AMPLFIi2.
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