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  1. I am about to buy a Helix LT and I am going to run it through my 4 channel PA mixer and speakers. I am unsure of what to set the output on the Helix to. On the POD HD500x I set it to Studio Direct mode but I don't see that option on the Helix. How exactly should I run it? Should I use XLR or 3/4 inch cable? Also, I don't understand why there are 2 Parallel lines on the patch setup screen. What would that be used for?
  2. Hello, I have had my Pod HD 500x for over 2 years and I am very happy with it. I have learned many things regarding the wonderful world of tech knowledge and effects. I have always been more of a player than a gear head. So my understanding of certain effects and specs is very limited. I run my Pod through my Soldano Lucky 13 Tube Amp and it sounds great on many of my tones. I am happy with my Blues Overdrive tones and clean tones. I even have a decent classic rock AC/DC sounding patch I created using a Plexi Lead Bright Amp. My downfall in tone creation is my limited understanding of Compressors, Noisegates, EQ, and things like that. My goal is to try to create a tight sounding Metal tone. I am looking for a Lamb Of God kind of sound (obviously I don't expect to play or sound like Mark or Willy from Lamb Of God) however, that is my desired style of tone. I have a pretty plain patch created where the only thing in the chain is the Treadplate amp with a good amount of drive and basic configurations of the amp knobs. It sounds good but it's lacking good sustain and it's not very clear when I play leads. It sounds muddy and I know I can change it but I am not sure where to start. I gave up on noisegates because it clips my leads when I try to sustain. I'd rather just deal with the amp buzz than sacrifice tone. My real question is about compressors. There's the blue comp, Red comp, Vetta Juice... I have zero clue what these do and how to use them but obviously they are useful because I see many people have them in their effects chains. What do each of them do? And where do I start? I know I am a total tech dummy but I figure the only way to learn is to ask people who do know and experiment with it. I noticed there is different types of EQ's I can use too. Why is that? I normally use Global EQ but my understanding of that is limited. Also where do I put these effects in my chain? Before or after the amp? Do add extra distortion to an already overdriven amp? I've seen people add overdrives to amp models that are already overdriven. It just sounds awful when I do it. But I assume there is a good way to do it. This piece of equipment is very deep in details and I do love it however, I find myself confused a lot. I figure I can also improve some of my current tones if I learn more about EQ and compressors. One of my biggest complaints with my Marshall tone is that there is hardly any sustain of my bends. The tone just goes flat. I am using a Gibson Les Paul and Gibson SG by the way. Thanks in advance for answers. I realize there is alot to answer in my post.
  3. Okay so I created a patch on my Pod for my acoustic guitar and a vocal mic for playing live. I created 2 separate signal paths to the pod mixer that way I could have separate effects and volumes on each channel. It sounds pretty awesome but I am curios if I can take it a step further. I am running the signal from the pod to a 4 channel power amp mixer and speakers with a 1/4 cable coming from the left mono output. The issue is that it's just going into one channel of the mixer. Is there anyway to run both signals from the pod to 2 different channels in my mixer? That way I could adjust my basic volume and eq from the my PA mixer instead of bending down to adjust my pod? I don't know hardly anything about live sound or tech stuff. Most of the pod functions are over my head. Do I run another 1/4 inch cable from the right mono output? I want my Mic signal ran to it's own separate PA channel and then my guitar signal run into it's own PA channel. Is that possible? Please explain in detail.
  4. Okay I think I figured it out. I adjusted the Pan level on A and B to 100 percent on the Left. It is starting to sound better. Just need to tweak my settings
  5. Yes it does. I'm sorry. I don't understand much about amps and connections. I am a self taught guitar player who knows way more theory and musical technicalities then I do electronic technicalities. I am going to go with option one and just use an XLR out. I just have to figure out how to change the path of my signal on the pod. Is it in utilities?
  6. Dang. My mixer doesn't have an XLR output. I am going to go to Guitar center and buy a 1/4 xlr adapter. Will I get the same results using an adapter? I'll go from my pod using a 1/4 adapter and then the xlr part of the cable will go into my power amp. Then I hit the switch to line instead of amp right? I don't want to have to completely overhaul all my patches. I was hoping minor tweaks would fix the issue.
  7. Okay so the best thing to do is take a 1/4 cable and connect my Pod to my Beringer mixer and then connect my mixer to my power amp with an xlr? Will I get a mono tone like that?
  8. Okay but my issue with just using a 1/4 is that my Power amp only has XLR connections. Should I plug my pod into my mixer with a 1/4 then xlr from mixer to power amp?
  9. I have been running it through my Soldano Lucky 13 tube combo amp. I had my POD set to output of a combo amp and it's fine. But when I run it through my QSC PL340 power amp and speakers my tone goes to crap. I even set the output back to Studio Direct. I am using one xlr cable to connect. Should I use 2? and go through both channels of my PA? I have it running from the Left XLR connection of the POd into the first channel of my QSC and my QSC is set to One channel controls both speakers? I have lost my high end. It's all muddy and there is like no volume to it either.
  10. Everyone's answer helped me. I just marked the most detailed one answered. I need details to understand this stuff. Thanks guys. I'll be sure to use this forum again for more questions
  11. Okay guys thank you. That just solved my problem. I am new to all this stuff! I finally got my clean blues tone!
  12. What would input 2 matter? I don't understand all these technical things. I thought input 2 always needed to be the same when playing with a guitar through it? What difference would it make? Why is there even an input 2 option?
  13. I just got my Pod HD500x a week ago and I am amazed by it. I have created some cool Crunch patches along with some heavy distortion leads. But I can't figure out how to create a clean sound! I don't get what amp I should use. They all come preset with some kind of distortion. I am looking for a Fender Reverb kind of clean sound, I am playing through a Soldano Tube amp and it sounds great and yes I have my it on the clean channel. What happens when I create a new tone is that it sounds clean and quiet before I choose an amp model but when I start cycling through amp models they all sound crunchy and there's no just clean setting. What am I missing?I just can't figure out what to tweak. Any suggestions of amp models would help. I am a noob to amp modeling. I spent to much time learning Music Theory and not audio theory! Just for reference I have a Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG, Fender Telecaster, and an Ibanez Artcore Hollow Body. So it's not my guitars causing the sound issues. It's totally operator error!
  14. Hello, I have just purchased a Pod HD500x and I love it. I am 21 years old and I've been playing for 7 years. I play live but that's mostly acoustic performances. Unfortunetley my knowledge of music theory doesn't help me in knowledge of amps and audio understanding. I know the basics but I really want to dive in and learn about how to create the tones I want. I can hear it in my head but I am lost on how to recreate it for the most part. I have created some great heavy distortion lead tones that fit my style but I am having trouble trying to recreate the AC/DC sound along with other favorite artists like B.B. King, Santana, and Alice In Chains. I have all the gear for it. I am running my Pod through a Soldano Lucky 13 tube amp and it sounds great! I have a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty (3 Humbuckers), Gibson Sg, Fender Telecaster, and an Ibanez Hollow Body Artcore. So you can say I totally have a dream setup! I just have no clue what Amp Models to use and how to adjust the settings to dial in that tone. I understand it's all preference but some general Guidelines would help. Feel free to name the amp models on the Pod in your suggestions and specify what you have your settings adjusted to. I realize every amp is different and everyone has their own sound but I just need some general explanations of what amps and settings are good for what. Thank you
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