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  1. A little late to the party... I'm loving the Soldano 100 clean channel with my 6 string Ibanez (a GVB36, not the SRC6 :p), and the XXL V30 cab with the 409. It's like the bass rig we didn't even know we had :) I can get thick and powerful lows, punchy middle, a nice shimmering high end... I like it tons better than the flip top and 1x15 Line 6 so graciously gave us... >.> :lol: I haven't even messed with adding EQs, compression, or tweaking amp/cab settings, yet. I also have a Zoom MS-100BT, which has some of the bass models as the B3 mentioned. I like them, but they take some tweaking to get the best out of them, so if you don't mind that (I don't), they're useful, too, and the bass effects are definitely better suited in one ways. I don't use it for amps, now, just to simplify things and liking the 'SOLO 100 CLEAN' better o.O An advantage of using a 500X is the A/B paths; if your bassist likes some overdrive/distortion, you leave one side clean to retain the low end :)
  2. I've only been able to compare the Bomber model to an Uberschall pedal, but I was able to actually use the bass knob on the pedal for heavy palm muting chugga chugga while on the Bomber model I pretty much have to turn the bass all the way to the left or it just farts out. But it's still nice and heavy :) I'm trying to borrow it again so I can run it through the FX loop and compare it to Line 6 just for grins. Either way I do like the Bomber Uber. I didn't realize that about Elektrik though, I'll have to give it a go :) New to the POD HD stuff, the last one I owned before going to an all-tube setup was an XT Live with Metal Shop installed (and I used the Bomber from that pretty much exclusively >.> ).
  3. adjusting the noise gate helps with it a lot. I typically set it to 'decay' and around 35% or so. It's like the gate is chopping into the signal as it starts dropping off in volume. Makes me miss my Ibanez Thermion, it was one of the best high-gain tube amps I've gotten the chance to play when it comes to noise/hum. I never even owned a noise gate when I used it. But I can't jam out with a 120W tube head anymore >.>
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