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  1. I'm a lefty and regardless of the market I believe anyone who makes the comment that guitar vendors only only concern in targeting their core market is incorrect. I firmly believe that as a maker of guitars you obviously did it to share the love and passion of music. Why hasn't there been a left handed version? Not sure, but I certainly would not say it's a marketing strategy. I have no problem finding a left handed Taylor, Martin or Guild and those are high end brand names. Anyone who suggests purchasing a new guitar to bring it to the shop to have it modified certainly isn't putting themselves in our shoes. Who in their right mind want's to purchase a guitar ($1300) just to have it modified for play. NOONE! So whether the minority or the majority music and instruments are for anyone and therefore suggesting otherwise is childish. Line 6 should almost certainly consider a left handed 69 model. It's not as if they would have to have a high number of production on them there is a financially reasonable approach to building them. Or, possibly by special order only. Either way, I would say to any righty, if it's not that big of a deal to go drop a G note on a guitar just to have it modified for play. Then go by a lefty next time and let me know what you think. Peace
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