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  1. Hi Brazzy... I was really getting frustrated with Windows 7 - the SD card I was using was a 1gb card which I had for an old camera and at first Windows 7 wouldn't even let me format it saying it was "Write Protected" when it wasn't and when it did eventually format it, the SJ couldn't recognise it so I was going around in circles.Fortunately, formatting the card in the SJ quickly solved the issue and everything is fine. :) One thing I have noticed is that there is a distinct shortage here in the UK of SD cards of 2gb or less so I'm gonna stock up with a few of them from eBay where they are still plentiful in good quality makes, as most of the local shops only carry 4gb cards and upwards. As the SJ has been out for a number of years, I'm surprised that Line 6 haven't addressed the 2gb limitations to allow larger cards to be used... a USB connection for a portable hard drive would be even better but it's still a great little piece of kit from which I hope to derive much pleasure. I was a full time professional solo singer/guitarist during the 70's to early 80's and it would have been great to have such a piece of kit like the SJ back then ... now I can jam or record to my heart's content ... great stuff!
  2. Hi guys this is my first post and what I encountered with the pre-owned Spider Jam which I purchased last week. I recently purchased a 6 month old spider Jam which clearly had seen little use by the previous owner. However, after going through some of the functions and whilst cycling through the drums section I eventually encountered the ubiquitous "Fatal Error MemDeviceNand line #70" which after a quick search on Google suggested it was a corrupted firmware problem. The firmware version in my SJ was 2.09. I followed the recommended Line 6 advice/settings on formatting my 1gb SD card in Windows 7 and copied the newly downloaded 2.09 version of the flash memory file ( fw.bin ) but after several attempts at re-formatting and copying the file to the SD card via the computer, I was still getting a message from the Spider Jam that it couldn't read the card which was frustrating to say the least. To cut a long story short... I placed the SD card in the Line 6 Jam SD slot and formatted the card that way instead of by means of the computer and then transferred the file in the computer to the card and Voila...it accepted the card and after installation, the SJ was as good as new. I've read that some people couldn't get the formatting right in order to transfer the data to the SJ so my advice would be to simply place the card in the SJ and format the card that way rather than in the computer... Windows 7 recognised the SJ formatted card and transferred the file to the empty card and it was just a matter of simply placing the card in the SJ, pressing save and selecting firmware update and after installation, it works a treat and without any frustration. It's also a brilliant piece of kit too! What I would ask is why the firmware data becomes corrupted? I'd be interested in finding out what causes the corruption if anyone has an answer! Tony
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