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  1. Thanks guy's! Would i still be able to create 2 signal paths? I want to create 1 signal path distorting the high frequencies and another signal path compressing the low frequencies. Which then come together in the amp/cab sim. And then after that go to my amp without cab/amp sim and to FOH with cab/amp sim. So it should look like this: ------------------------------------------->RealAmp Signal ---- >High's freqs/distortion/-------------------->Ampsim/cabIR------------> FOH >Low freqs/compression/------^ Is this possible? Hope you understand what im trying to explain.... Thanks again!
  2. Hello, I was wonderwing if with the HX Stomp i can get 1 signal chain with effects/amp modeling/IR impulse to go to the FOH, and a second signal with just effects/amp modeling to my power amp and cab (so without IR impulse). Thanks in advance!! Greetz Wouter
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