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  1. Hey guys, so I was doing a little research after seeing TesseracT play live the other night... Noticed that no one had a pedalboard. All of their effects were directly automated through the computer using whatever DAW that was up and it was automated as the song went on... Seeing as the POD 500x is similar in most ways to the way the Axe FX runs.. (They were using Axe FX) I was wondering if its possible to do this as well utilizing the midi output cable maybe? Dir en grey as well have done something like this at all of their shows... But except doing research on them... I've seen that they actually have used the POD... Not sure which one it is. That or they have someone in the back pushing all the effects for them but I feel like that'd be completely ridiculous. Anyone know if this is possible?
  2. So it took me quite some time and research but I finally made a choice and got the POD HD500x... I GOTTA tell ya. I've never been more satisfied.. Blows my line 6 Spider III head out of the water. I made previous posts on here before about looking for the tones I wanted to achieve and I've gotten really close now with 3 of them... I NOTICED ONE thing though.. Band called Twelve Foot Ninja uses their POD HD500x live and changes the tuning if their guitar through the POD itself... But he does apparently use a Variax guitar. Im wondering is this ONLY possible with the Variax? Or can I ultimately change my tuning without it through the POD?
  3. Definitely gonna go for the HD500x and give it a whirl. Would love to spend good time with it.
  4. Definitely looking into spending good time into it.. This is going to be a good investment I feel. I just hope I eventually find the right tone I want
  5. Weird.. look up "Tesseract - Of Matter (live at Sphere Studios)" its showing up for me. Yeah that's what I figured too.. But I just want to know that the it's possible.. Cause with my Line 6 Spider III head... it was impossible. Maybe I'm terrible at making tones but I could never achieve anything like this before. I always got a very aggressive sound that I liked but I could never get it cleaned up.
  6. So I posted a previous post before on questions between the HD500x and the Pro X.. Decided I'm going to purchase the HD500x.. But the more and more I look into tones from these types of hardware the more I see myself questioning what the possibilities are and I know I'll never know until I mess with it myself.. But from someone with experience I was hoping to see if anyone can tell me if it's possible to achieve these tones in this video I know that they are using Axe FX Ultra models.. But of course if you spend enough time with any amp/modeler I'm sure I can achieve the tone. But from someone elses stand-point with experience using it I wanna know if it's possible to achieve clean ambient tones almost exactly like that in these songs.. ESPECIALLY The distortion tones. They sound so crispy and clean and I'm REALLY hoping when I make the HD500x purchase that I'm able to get these tones someway somehow without having to buy a hundred different things to do so.... Twelve Foot Ninja is the only band I have seen that uses the HD500x live and for studio and have achieved pretty close tones but not exactly like this. Of course they have their own sound.. But yeah. Thanks as well to anyone who replies. Everyones been very informative for me since I joined the community! I really care about my sound for studio work and live work so I wanna get the best sounds I can possibly get for my releases.
  7. So theres no way to turn the HD500x on by itself by plugging into my crappy interface at home to record on my PC unless i have a power amp?
  8. Id have to look further into that. It really does seem like a train wreck waiting to happen..
  9. So essentially the 500x is probably the way to go then? Pro X not really? How would I connect my 500x or the Pro X to my Mesa cab or a venues PA system... Sorry for all the questions. Again im so new to this lol and i wanna make sure i got everything i need
  10. I actually have the MKII with the 4 switches and wah/volume pedal for my line 6 head but im looking into selling that head if i can get a better unit.. so Would you say its better to go Pro X or HD500x?
  11. In an interview with Periphery [cant find it for some odd reason] they basically said as the song goes on and all the effects that change in the guitar parts... its automatic. No pedal being used. Even saw a band called Dir en Grey have this too. They almost NEVER use their pedals unless its for wah or something which drives me nuts.
  12. Hey guys, so I'm new to the whole amp sim thing that's been going on lately.. I own the Spider 3 amp head but I noticed there's quite a handful of tones that I can't seem to achieve through the amp head anymore as time goes on... I've noticed bands lately using the HD500x for their recordings and even live shows to maintain their studio sound.. Which is cool but I have a handful of questions as well on this. Now I've heard that its possible on systems like Axe FX.. to create scenes and basically automate all of your effects and amps and what-not as it played to a track... I wanted to know if this is possible on the Line 6 HD500x or if it's even possible on the Line 6 HD Pro which I basically in a sense consider the HD Pro the Axe FX of Line 6.. But everyone says there really is no difference between the HD500x or the HD Pro My only issue with the HD pro is that I cannot switch effects through a pedal because it doesn't come with a pedal.. And the HD 500x I'm really not sure how downloading tones works or any of that and what the price is to download half of these tones... WHY am I looking into buying this also? I really want a thick chug tone thats clean with a good low end to give it a real nice "djent" sound.. generic I know but I really love the way it sounds. If it's also possible to automate and do "scenes" for the POD Pro then that'd be cool to know too.
  13. So I am actually very new at this.. And I am just discovering that the Line 6 POD HD500 is capable of being used for gigging without the use of a head or cab... And just directly outputting the sound to the venues PA system... Is this for real? I recently saw a band called Twelve Foot Ninja live and they had NO amps on stage... Not a single amp.. All I saw was the POD HD500 and some strange box software on the side.. Not sure if it was to manage their in ear monitors or what.. But is there some sort of trick to this or is it literally THAT easy? Performing without the use of amps? This sounds way too good and easy to be true.
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