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  1. I am not able to record a simple guitar sound of my HD500X to Protools 11 via the S/PDIF input of the Firewire 1814. The firewire 1814 doesn't get any synced signal! I connected the Line-6 HD500X to the firewire 1814 input (breakout cable connector, MIDI–S/PDIF–WordClock-input) via coaxial cable (3m, 75 Ohms). The S/PDIF out (HD500X) is well configured. The device screen shows: 1. S/PDIF: matches Outputs 2. Sample rate: 44,1 kHz 3. Level: +0 dB 4. Input-Recording: 1-2 Main Out The Line-6 software control panel (Audio-Midi-Devices 3.61) shows the following Asio settings: 1. Default Buffer Size: 256 2. Default Bit Depth: 24. The Firewire sound device is configured via the M-Audio software-control-panel: 1. sample rate: 44100 Hz 2. Asio buffer size: 256 samples 3. Input: spdif 4. Output: spdif 5. Input port: coaxial 6. Sync source: external - digital When I change the Sync source from internal to "external-digital" then the green message "Locked" changes in to red blinking message: "Unlocked" (Protools not yet launched)! Additional Informations: PC- Windows 7 Home Premium; Firewall Antivirus: deactivated; Driver: Pod HD500X: Driver: Firewire 1814: Protools version: 11.2.1 Can anybody help me?
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