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  1. Hello, my POD HD Desktop displays the following malfunctions: after a time stays on, while I'm playing guitar suddenly restarts. Before restarting, they begin to adjust the EQ controls, automatically, though I have selected nothing. Then it restarts again and again, making it impossible to continue using it. Once you've left a few hours off, when turned on again, it works normally, for about an hour. I tried updating the virtual memory through Line6 Monkey, but this has not solved the problem. Any user who knows how to fix the problem, or you may also have happened? Thank You
  2. Hello! When I connect the POD HD POD HD Edit, I can see no problem presets. However, when I download a customset, the device turns off immediately, and begins to constantly reset until I turn it off from the button. Anyone know why this happens? And the device can suffer damage to constantly reset due to this problem? I have installed the drivers, using the Monkey, but I could not update the Flash memory. Could deverse to this the problem? Thank you!
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