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  1. I upgraded the firmware. Problem has disappear since then, hope it is for good. Unfortunately now the tempo panel turns on and off randomly when I am playing or programming the Helix. It is a pain when I am programming it and the tempo panel screen jumps out whenever it wants!
  2. Good luck! I am also using 4 cable method with my Helix and my Mesa Boogie. For smaller gigs or rehearsals I use the Helix alone. I recommend you get the Helix official Bag, makes it a lot easier to carry and has plenty of space for other goodies. With the exception of a few bugs, I am very happy with this new toy.
  3. Hey there! Any of you have had problems with the tempo panel. My Helix actives the tempo panel screen randomly when I am using it live or when I am programming it. Also the access to the tempo panel with the finger touch on the tap footswitch (as suggested on the cheat sheet), does not always work. Any comments out there?
  4. Thank you, it worked fine. I might keep the Amplifi as a stage monitor, but still have to do a live test.
  5. I´ve had the same problem. Some strips go complete blank, others show corrupted characters, others random pixel movement. I just opened a ticket a few minutes ago. It appears to be a software issue, cause when the strips work fine the resolution is perfect. Restarting the Helix can solve the problem, but not all the time, sometimes the problems comes back after a few minutes of restarting. I live in Guatemala, so having a replacement could be a nightmare. I am crossing my fingers is a software issue that can be solved remotely.
  6. Can the Amplifi work as a monitor/speaker for the Helix? Is there a way to cancel al effects on the Amplifi and then plug in the Helix?
  7. Wow guys, I just got mine a few days ago. I bought mine from Sweetwater in the US, then a friend sent it to my hometown (Guatemala). It is the first Helix in the country...but unfortunately I have experienced the same problem with one of the scribble strips. Hope it stops there, cause I don´t even want to know what pain in the butt would be to get a replacement being here in Guatemala. Wish me luck!
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