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  1. Hi brazzy, after day looking for the program i didn´t found it , but i finally found what was the problem to transfer to wav from the JM4 if you have tle problem that you can save to the SD .jam but WAV not every time you tried say error writing in the sd you only need to take the SD put in the PC create a forder call LINE6 and with this should be work. PLUS: I have soon metallica backing track in the WAV to the JM4 just let me know if you want . this forum really need mor help of the people cheers mate
  2. Yes, I have looking for this for a week now and I can´t it and people in this forum don talk to much like a see. I don't belive is no anybody here who have the program and can share i can put in a place wich everybody can have a gain
  3. really guys 26 views and any replay thks :ph34r: guys ....
  4. HI guys, I just got my JM4 and I was looking in the foru for the programa Jam2Wav for transfor from JAM to wav yes Iknow the jam4 can doing that but is very messy transform in diferents WAV any way i saw this program http://www.vettaville.nl/page.php?id=85#902 but the link doesnt work anymore . can someone pls upload to some place where can download pls pls :D :huh: THKs guys
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