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  1. FIXED! OK, spaceatl gets the gold star for thinking it was likely a cable way back in the beginning of the thread, I finally got a chance to try the rig out at practice using a monster cable we had laying around.... and <poof!> noise gone. Wow. SOOOOOOO weird cuz my old cable otherwise works fine going direct in to my amp, or direct into the pod & headphones... but add the Pad and amp together and it's noise-city!. OK, good to know. Thanks for the suggestion. I can't complain about my cable tho, it was a Spectraflex 20ft cable I got as a gift back in 1991 and has been thru years of gigging across Europe. It had a lifetime warranty tho! LOL. Cheers!
  2. RE: 2nd input. Yes, I read a lot about using "same" for input 2. While I do hear a very slight noise addition (or volume addition) it not at all unusable. As for the clipping, I'm noticing my clean amp clips no matter what I use, still trying to figure that out. But as I said, with my path having a clean Preamp on A, and a high gain Preamp on B, I need to set the input to Same. Otherwise, one of the amps doesn't get the guitar sound... it seems like it passes a dry signal with the effects to the output, but bypasses the amp. What would the noisegate have to do with anything? I'll try it, i'll give anything a shot. But the problem seems to be some sort of grounding loop/white noise. It's a constant noise, it doesn't disappear when the noisegate engages, it's always there unless I turn my volume knob up ever so slightly.
  3. Opened a ticket. they confirm this cannot be done at this time. :( " it looks like you're come across an incompatibility issue with the HD500X. Originally the HD500X was able to transfer MIDI to another device, it was not able to receive MIDI from various devices/controllers. Since then this has been improved based on customer requests, but not all features are guaranteed to work Bummer.
  4. No. Input 1 = guitar Input 2 = same. Seems like it needs to run this way since I use separate clean/dirty amps on A/B paths.
  5. Bjnette: I have a noise gate at the beginning, no extra slots for one at the end. Yes, I've moved it around a bit spaceatl: Yes, I have the pad on as it does boost my clean channel, which does sizzle if I hit the strings too hard with the pad on or off, but no noise difference. pfsmith0: On my guitar touching stings or knob or jack does nothing. On my buddy's Warlock touching the knob makes it quiet, stings not so much. You're thinking his bridge isn't grounded right? But both guitars otherwise are quiet through both our amps when volume knobs are down. This is weird. Will keep ya'll posted.
  6. It's more of a really loud white-noise than hum. I have EMG active pickups, but as I said, when going right into the Boogie, guitar volume all way down = zero noise. So I don't see how it cold be the cable, but i'll try a few different ones to verify. I did try another guitar (a Warlock) with non-active pickups, and the problem was the similar, but not quite as loud. I attribute that to the overall lower volume of non-active pickups? Here's the weird thing, when I'd touch the plastic part of the Warlocks's volume knob, the noise would go away. Which leads me to think of grounding on the guitars is a problem... but... grounding on 2 different guitars that otherwise silence perfectly when volume knob at zero? Kinda unlikely. Tried turning off lights in the jam room, no difference. I think the whole room is on the same circuit, but I'll try plugging both into the same outlet to test. It's really annoyingly loud at the end of songs, or breaks where I volume knob down quickly. Hopefully there is a fix. Thanks for suggestions, keep 'em coming please.... i'll keep ya posted.
  7. This is really weird. I have the HD500x going into the front of my Mesa Boogie, it seems to get a better sound thru my clean channel than going thru the effects loop. But when I turn my volume ALL the way down on my guitar, there is a very loud noise thru the amp, like a hum+white noise. If i turn the volume knob just a hair up, it goes away. It's only when it's fully all the way down. I don't have this problem when I use the Boogie by itself. I don't have this problem when i use the HD500x by itself (with headphones) Both of those are totally silent when i lower my volume knob all the way. I hesitate to take my guitar into a shop, because the volume knob seems to be doing it's job fine when not hooked up to the HD500x AND and amp. So the problem *seems* to be that combination? I'm using Treadplate, high gain, noisegate, screamer, which is a heavy distorted tone, but why does the volume knob ALL the way down make so much noise thru it? Anybody?
  8. Yes, I want to trigger the toe switch via midi (toggle CC59) so I don't have to worry about stomping on it live. It *should* switch to EXP 2 and engage the wah wah pedal... but clearly it does not. Anybody else have this problem, or a solution? Any chance of a LINE 6 reply?
  9. Correct, I just want it to trigger the toe switch, which works fine when I step on it... so I can just focus on "Wah-ing" without worrying about actually clicking the switch. Yeah, it's lazy... but less things to worry about while playing. But alas... it doesn't seem to work.
  10. Got it. Also had to set the gain of the dirty amp to zero on bypass as it was bleeding thru the clean channel. Thanks!
  11. Are bumps allowed? Was really hoping somebody could point me in the right direction, or let me know I'm barking up the wrong tree. thanks!
  12. Thanks, Hey, I don't suppose you could look at my other post about not being able to midi switch between expression 1 and 2 could ya? Basically trying to send a midi signal to toggle the toe switch to engage the wah so I don't have to force stomp it. I have the toe switch set at midi 59, I send midi cc 59 signal and it DOES turn on the wah! BUT it doesn't switch the expression pedal over... so it doesn't "wah". Tried to include a toggle message on EXP 1, and EXP 2, and both... either nothing happens, or both lights go on, but it never just toggles to EXP 2. Is THAT possible or am I missing something? Thanks Dan
  13. Cool idea, but way too complicated for me... I can't dance. I found that setting up a basic preset with my Clean and Dirty amp, and "must have" pedals (noise gate, screamer, EQ, Reverb, 2nd EQ, Wah, Delay) covers most of my song needs. Then I use the expression pedal to smoothly crossfade between the clean & dirty amps as needed, no dropout, just a smooth crossfade, or a really quick one... plus I can midi program it on my laptop to do it automatically If I have a song that requires something else, I adjust the setup and make a preset for that song. Then yes, I'd have to switch to that preset before the song starts. It's works for me well this way though. 2 cents.
  14. I cannot figure out how to send a midi CC to from Cubase to switch EXP 1 to EXP 2. Setup: EXP 1 = midi cc 1. EXP 2 = midi cc 2. TOE SWITCH = midi cc 59. (wah wah assigned) EXP 1: I use as expression pedal to crossfade between clean & dirty amps. Midi control works awesome. EXP 2: I use as wah wah. Stepping on Toeswitch engages Wah wah and switches to ExP 2. Works awesome. However, if i send a toggle message on midi cc 59, (to simulate Toeswitch) the wah wah engages, but the expression pedal stays on EXP 1, so it doesn't "wah", it crossfades. If i add a toggle message on midi cc 2 (to switch to EXP 2) the wah comes on, but stays on EXP 1 so it doesn't Wah. If i add a toggle on midi cc1 it switches to my clean channel and wah comes on but stays on EXP 1 so it doesn't Wah. If i add a toggle message on both 1 and 2, it switches to clean, wah comes on, BOTH EXP lights go on, but it's still working as EXP 1, so no wah wah, just crossfades. I've tried assigning EXP 1, and then 2, and then both to midi cc59 (the toe switch), same problem. To get both EXP lights off i have to unplug it. I just upgraded to the new firmware. Surely somebody has gotten a midi control of the expression pedal to switch somehow? Help?
  15. no, not the pocket pod, an older red bean shaped model that DOES have midi in, my buddy uses it. Just wondering if i can program the a/b crossover on it like the HD500... i do doubt it, but i'll post back when we try it out.
  16. SUCCESS! Not sure what it was I missed, but it does indeed work! Cubase now triggers EXP 1 to emulate my foot going down (or up) on the pedal and successfully switches from clean to dirty amps in a gloriously smooth crossfade! MUCH better than a FS button that toggles back & forth with a nasty little noise. Does anybody happen to know if there is a way to achieve this on the small red POD (X3?) to do this?
  17. Will try it all again when I get home. Either I missed something obvious or there's a glitch in my unit. ...or maybe passing expression pedal up/down value isn't midi assignable on the HD500. Will post results. Thanx for feedback!
  18. I'm running Cubase 7 on a MacBook Pro. I've been able to send midi program changes, bank changes, and FS on/off messages. But the pedal is giving me trouble. I tried assigning control 1 and control 2 to my same midi channel I'm using, sent a change thru Cubase and the expression pedal light stayed where it was... no change. Having similar trouble assigning the toe switch to engage the wah wah. If I click the toe switch then expression pedal 2 (where I routed it so the green light = wah) kicks in and the wah works. But if I send a midi toe switch signal nothing happens. Not sure what I'm missing.. but in theory both of these *should* work right? I should be able to create a midi controlled ramp-up for the expression pedal to nicely transition from amp1 to amp 2? What am I missing? 1. Expression pedal 1 selected to control amp path. (Clean A / Dirty B ) 2. Send midi CC1 with value of 127 to emulate pedal all the way down (or up). Anybody get this to work?
  19. Thanks Hurgh, I found that out shortly after my post. So now my issue is, there is still a pretty nasty little sound between switching from crunch to clean, specially if I had any effects on crunch. what I have found much better sounding is the expression pedal method switching between the 2 amps! This is really cool. However, I need to control that via midi, and I cannot yet figure it out. Googled and trolled here but no idiot-proof instructions yet for how to select the expression pedal level via midi. Dan
  20. Clean channel sounds good, but when i switch to dirty i'm still hearing my dry direct guitar thru the clean channel.. even tho the clean amp is off. How to shut that path off?
  21. Is there a way to assign the channel volume parameter other than the expression pedal? I'm using this live and want to midi-trigger all my effects, including clean/dirty. I was hoping not to involve the pedal just in case i happen to accidentally step on it... plus i'm not sure how to assign a midi event to pedal up/down. Any suggestions? I do have a clean channel amp on top, and crunch on the bottom, was hoping to just assign FS1 to both of them while one toggles off the other goes on. But then i discovered the dry signal bleeding thru... wah.
  22. Hey Alex,..... yes, old post revived.... So like many before me, I have discovered the ugly truth of switching between a heavy-distorted Metallica style crunch to a crystal clear clean channel. Changing presets has the obvious mute/dropout.. Downloaded your patch up above, but even just the click between clean & dirty on FS1 still has a rather ugly transition when going from dirty back to clean... it's an audible glitch... made worse if i had delay on at the time. Wondering how folks are getting around this.... the expression pedal method? Can anybody walk me thru setting that up? Thanks, Dan
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