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  1. Hello, Is there a plan for porting HX Edit Software to iPad or Phone ? Is there a way to put a preset into the HX Stomp from IPad or Android Phone ? BR,
  2. eleandar

    Helix native price after buying an HX stomp

    Thank you for reply. Indeed i received the mail advising me of the sale but it's still too high price for me (> 100 euros). BR, Laurent
  3. Hello, I've bought an hx stomp pedal and i've discover at the same time Helix native which is very fun and cool ! There are some good prices for Helix native when you buy Helix pedalboard but when you buy an HX stomp pedal you have to pay full price which is very high ... Am i missing something ? BR, Laurent
  4. eleandar

    Volume setting on M5

  5. eleandar

    Volume setting on M5

    Hello, I want to use the M5 and a Tech 21 MIDI Moose (MIDI Foot controller) with a bass guitar ... I'm trying to understand how volume is/or can be managed with the M5 with each effect. But may be the pedal is designed to provide equivalent volume for any of the provided effects ? I suppose that effect settings influences volume ...
  6. eleandar

    Volume setting on M5

    Hello, I've recently bought an M5 stompbox. I have read the manual and parameters manual. I'm trying to find a method to get my M5 effects with the same or equivalent volume. Only distortions have Output Level parameter. As far as i understand, the overall effect volume cannot be set. Is there a way to do it ? Thanks,